HKT’s mass withdrawal ~ members comments to the 5 members, HKT48’s future and their resolutions

  August 18, 2012

Members comment on the 5 members withdrawal from the group.

Murashige Anna Aug 18 3:08 PM

I was truthfully surprised at the announcements of the 5 of my peers.
And I’ve been saddened so much.

But if this is a path that Uitan, Yuukosu, Airi, Sayaka and Ayaka have chosen on their own will,
Anna will support their decisions!

Don’t remain depressed! It won’t help us anyway!

Hey everyone! Let’s snap out of it!

Murashige Anna 8/18 15:11

This is not caused by Sassy.

Don’t you dare to say it’s because of Sassy

※Sassy is a mentor of Murashige Anna since she’s transferred to HKT, and Murashige Anna has been best friends with Uitan.


kodama Haruka 8/18 2:55 PM

The withdrawal of 5 members will bring a significant effect on HKT48 as  a group.

For us members, the memories of our time with 5 members, who have been working since the creation of the group together, are invaluable.

Though this has made me ponder upon various things,
I shall say that HKT has still just started.

We must not stop our steps forward.

No, we won’t stop moving forward.

From now on, HKT will bond together even more and try to seize our dreams!

I will try my best.

From now own too, I wish for your support to HKT48



Nakanishi Chiyori 8/18 2:58 PM


Your comments has been tremendous emotional supported.

Though this is a very sad thing, I’ve made mind that I accept as this is a fact that we can’t change at this point.

Yuko, Airi, Yui, Ayaka, Sayaka, thank you so much for having been with us until now and let us to make lots of memories with you!

We will again try our best as New HKT.
From now on, too, we will show how far HKT girls are able to go!

Thank you so much for your continuous support for HKT48


Nakanishi Chiyori 8/18 15:26

Everyone, please walk the same path along with us(^-^)/”]Everyone, please walk the same path along with us(^-^)/


Tano Yuka 8/18 12:50 PM

I feel a regret that I couldn’t have a talk with Uitan. But I will love all of them just like I used to do.\(^o^)/ I love everyone.
Tano Yuka 8/18 13:38 PM

It’s perhaps gonna be the tough period (for HKT)(..) If there’s something that I can do for them, I’m willing to give my support as HKT48 has a lot of members that I’m personally close to.\(^o^)/
Tano Yuka 8/18 13:41 PM

I am going to flip mental switch. Everyone, see you later (^^)

※Tanochan is very close to HKT’s member Kumazawa Serina.


As her comment posted on Aug 16 suggests, Komori Yui’s case (Uitan) is different from other members. Though we don’t share any rumors around the other 4 members alleged affairs with some fans here (unless official accounts will be provided), Uitan is the one who Amina and Harukyan care about in their G+ posts made yeasterday, one day before the official announce of the 5 members voluntary withdrawal from the group.

Sato Amina 8/17 6:19 PM

You are the first person whom I’ve fallen in love with by a back figure of you dancing.

I couldn’t do anything for you….

I love Uitan, I love you dancing and singing.

Ishida Haruka 8/17 9:12 PM

I love you.
Believe me, there are people who understand you.
I am and will be supporting you.


ishida Haruka 8/17 9:47 PM

I was hollowed out when I was thinking if I can do something for her and realized there’s nothing I can do. 

I want to be of her help, but I can do nothing for her.

Though I’m here, a distant place from where you’re, though I can’t be of your help,
Please remember there’re people who understand you. 

Ishida Haruka 8/17 10:16 PM

Uitan, I love you lots.


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