Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!

  August 31, 2012

A Photo photographed by Mariko-sama

Paruru-san Maji Tenshi!! (Paruru is seriously an angel!!)

She looks cute in any kind of hairstyle!!!

By the way, speaking of Paruru, she is so famous for being so cute in animation Gifs!!

This photo tells a lot to us…

Yeah…. she bought a photobook of Mariko at her own expense.

My mind is blown…. She is soooooo hot, cute, beautiful…….. She is perfect…..

Whatever, Sassy has been taking care of Paruru so much, as you already know.

The 3rd one….. >▽<

Paruru’s choice for her private clothing sometimes astounding….!!