Matsui Jurina to play Nobunaga, the leader of team Habu, for Majisuka Gakuen3

  August 22, 2012


So now I’ve finally figured out that her weird perm was for this role….

We can see members of Habu and Mongoose behind her.

What a cute Nobunaga…..

What a spoiler….lol
I was thinking that she was brainwashed in the jail cell, but she looks absolutely fine…. How did Paru manage to sneak into that place???

After all, it was the same as what we all expected from the 1st episode…

So as we expected, they’ve introduced everyone in the cast before the Tokyo dome concerts.
Guys, we can expect short skits and Ponkotsu Blues performed by the Majisuka cast at TD!!!

I think from the 6th episode, the story will take a turn from the conflict between the 2 groups to the battle against prison guards?

Anyway, this spoiler was supposed to steal all attentions from media and fans as well, I think… but boy! All eyes are now on Yuukosu lol FAIL!