NEW FLASH!!! GUYS!! SKE Kaneko Shiori aka Kinchan and Suda Akari aka Da~Su~ has become stunningly SEXYYYYYY!!!

  August 30, 2012

Yeah….. This is….the time to Oshihen…..
Oppai can justify everything in this cruel world…

I’m gonna die…. OMG She is sooo cute…..

I think these are basketballs or something??

Her legs are already sexy, and now, even her boobs are developing!?!?

I think she has the best figure among all SKE girls.
Her legs, arms are very long, and her boobs are huge as well….. Perfect…. sigh*

Even she is flat on her back, her boobs are like this!! 

I love how you guys have fun by excitedly reacting to this one gif….. SKE for lyfe!!



Her boobs has grown bigger miraculously!!!!

Now I realized that the fact that I’ve never taken a look at her body as what I love about her is her angelic smile means…… probably I’m potentially a hardcore Ota…

Kinchan, Da~Su~ and HonoHono…. What’s going on to SKE girls lately?
Do they put something mysterious to the meals of flat chested SKE girls!?!?

This Big Boobs, Her personality, her character…. all together, she is becoming such a captivating  girl!!

Sashihara Rino 8/30 7:12am

Sashihara Rino 30th August 2012 7.12 am

Good morning. In the end, my nosebleed didn’t stop, and I just left it as it is, and started watching the bonus footage.
I guess Da~Su~ and Milky were surely tense when they were surrounded by a lot of seniors in the footage…… They are amazingly great. They are so cool.

For me, fishing/flirting is difficult and I have no idea what it’s all about, but I was fished/hooked on how they are trying their best!!!
And….yeah, I was attracted to both of them, but I’m attracted to Kojiharu-san’s dress more than anything else.


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