How to vote in 2015 AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Looking back at 48G member graduations in 2013

There’s an HKT48 Yamamoto Mao look alike girl in SNH48

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

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Churi has become Yakitori in picture on Airin’s blog post! and 4 more


  “Wait!! Da~Su~ LOL“What the heck!?“I can’t tell who’s who…“I thought that was MatsuRina from Shukan AKB, but then this is Under Girls, so of course, it turned out the

Paruru and Team 4 Members Shed Tears as They Sing Boku no Taiyo


. All this is just because she is not good at expressing her emotion. Actually, Paruru is a very nice, caring girl.

I'm so relieved to see Rena-chan is being alone among AKB members, as always…


“ From Mariko-san’s blog “She exactly looks like us….. “Come on, don’t post such a mean thread…. “Actually I’m susceptible to girls like her….It makes me feel like giving her

Maeda Atsuko joins the filming of Shin-Doumoto Kyoudai, co-stars with Takahashi Minami


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A Look back at final day of AKB48 Tokyo Dome concert – Maeda Atsuko's Graduation Ceremony (1/6)


Yasusu: "Next Ace? Nothing has been decided."


From 3:00~ “Uhmmmm I thought he already had Paruru in mind…. “Shimazaki is just one of members who plays Atsuko’s Under for existing songs. “Final Day of Tokyo Dome concert

AKB48’s 4th Album “1830” topped Oricon Weekly ranking 2 weeks in a row, sold total of 935,000 copies


Oota Aika aka Lovetan explains the reason behind her transfer to HKT48



Congratulation, Acchan, on your graduation!! (TV Viewer Rating, Members Blogs etc.)


 .     . “So many pictures of Acchan on the walls!! “Look! Acchan in this photo looks sooooo cute!Is she wearing a sash or something?The word on the sash starts

Nozomin shared AKB graduated members group photo!!! (and one more)


“From left: Tojima Hana, Kawasaki Nozomi, Watanabe Shiho, Acchan, Orii Ayumi, Usami Yumi, Nariya Risa, Masuyama Kayano, Ooe Tomomi . “Kayano has become so pretty. . “Ooe also looks pretty.

Maeda Atsuko’s Graduation Performance at Akihabara AKB48 Theater


Many people are waiting in line to watch public viewing of Acchan’s graduation performance in AKB Shop & Cafe. On August 27th, AKB48 maeda Atsuko graduates AKB48. The sacred place

AKB member, Oshima Yuko revealed her new hairstyle on the final day of AKB7s first Tokyo Dome concert, on 26th.


Sexy photos of Wet Senbatsu (濡れ選抜) from Tokyo Dome concert!!


“ Guys, I think they are SKE girls. Though it’s hard to figure out who’s who except Airin, Makiko, Nishishi and Anna…. “ Yeah, probably the girls in the rear

Haruka-san is already getting along with JKT perfectly fine!!


‘ “LOL She’s already gotten along with them!? That’s what we expect from Haruka.“Oh Gonsan! Don’t rush alone~~~!! Please take your journey with Akicha~~ lol“Haruka-san’s communication skill is so awesome.

AKB have a plan to transform itself into School, Grade Transcript, Parent Meeting are in the plan


Shinoda Mariko’s Press Conference and AKB48 Official Blog Banner Change

0 “Probably this is an announcement of new big-scale tie-up that will start from this fall.I guess this is collaboration campaign tie-up with some fashion house.“But look…. this video has

2 Shot Photos of Acchan and members from AKB Tokyo Dome concert


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