SKE member Inuzuka Asana mistakenly sends a message to her boyfriend to fans through MOBAME service

  August 31, 2012

I got a weird message from Wanchan (Inuzuka Asana’s nickname)….

(In Mobame service, fans can receive messages from AKB members just like normal MMS. It costs 315 yen per member.)

Yeah, I think this is definitely…… 

Can you tell me what she wrote in Mobame? Because I didn’t subscribe her Mobame, can you tell me about it?

I read it three times, but it’s impossible not to think that it’s a message to her boyfriend……

They quarreled, and wanted to break up…. because she has a radio work tomorrow, they will talk about it after the that….  

So it goes like this?
She mistakenly sent a message to he boyfriend through Mobame service.

She noticed…

To cover it up, she is appealing that she was texting with her friend?

But if it’s a message to her boyfriend, it will be censored by management…..

Inuzuka Asana 10:37pm 8/31

I forwarded a message from my friend to SKE mail…. I was half asleep…

She was consulting me on her relationship, but because that mesage is only a part of our conversation, some may misunderstand…..
But this is the truth, please trust me…(。í _ ì。)
I won’t do things like this~
I’ve been and will be focusing on my work!!

Inuzuka Asana 10:40pm 8/31

I’m almost crying as I saw the comments here….
My manager said that she understands me and it’s gonna be alright…
So….. won’t it be alright……? (。í _ ì。)

From fans’ comments on her G+

I think you’d better graduate and have an open relationship with Akkun?
Nobody will believe your lame excuse.

Because Antis will comment on her post, we gotta fill out this comments form as soon as possible!!

So is there really a censorship thing on AKB’s Mobame?

Definitely yes.
That’s why Mokochan is complaining. (Mokochan: Kato Tomoko)

※The following G+ post and comments of her have been all deleted.

Inuzuka Asana 21:37 8/31

I was texting with someone\(^^)/
Who do you think I’m texting with???
Inuzuka Asana 21:48 8/31

Anyway, it’s Uchiyama Mikoto san~.
Inuzuka Asana 21:54 8/31

Somehow I got a message from my female friend that she probably mistakenly sent to me.
It was like a message that she sent to her boyfriend to break up with him.

I tried to forwarded it but I also mistakenly sent it to Mobame.

It’s not me~~~
Please don’t misunderstand~~~!!! lol

Please notice that it doesn’t look like a text that is written by me (・・;)

So who is Akkun!?!?
It’s definitely not Mikoto-san!!!



Inuzuka Asana 8/31 22:09

I sent a message to my manager~

Wait…. I don’t have a work for radio shows tomorrow! (T-T0)
Isn’t it enough to prove my innocence??

She is repeating Senior year at a high school
and belongs to Broadcast club~~


It’s getting so messy……
She should have talked to her manager before she made an excuse….

Captured image of her deleted G+ post and comments