SKE48 case: Junior taking over seniors, Songs for broken hearts, and 2 More

  August 23, 2012

Although it is not fully happening but I guess the case is still there
If we look at  Hata, Nakanishi or Matsumura
They are fans of hard work
Their sense of competition is more or less on a different level in comparison to the others which makes them interesting

When I think about it, I guess it really is because they are in the same office, huh?
Since SKE is also in the process of going to different offices, there is a possibility of it being announced in Tokyo Dome
If it comes to that, I wonder if even this kind of thing will become more intense as well

But the aim to rule over the country is still far away

AKB is about
Kami7>Senbatsu >>>>>>>> those other girls
SKE is about
JR (DuoMatsui)>>>>>>>>those girls in undergirls>>those others whose existence compared to JR is almost none

If we look at the result of today’s selection, SKE-oshi must be enjoying themselves

Are they taking over AKB?

Junior taking over Senior?

No matter if there is a member who is regarded as the most spirited, the most energetic, the best dancer, the best singer or if they win Janken and make senbatsu, as long as J is there, there is no erasing the feeling of J being center.
In short, members who are older than J in SKE have no chance of being a lead role
SKE’s version of Junior overwhelming senior is on the scale of supporting role dispute

It’s not that I am a J anti or what not
For those who come into SKE thinking of getting lead role, doesn’t it seem sad?

While the “difficult” dancing is a great selling point, lately SKE is not differentiable with AKB or NMB
For the sporty SKE, although I think that cool kind of song is more suited for them…

Now that I see it, it is quite a slow choreography, isn’t it?

1234, Banzai, or Okey Dokey kind of high spirit route is great

Why does Tsuyoki Mono Yo get such a low appreciation?
It is a normally good song

The tune being all the same is annoying (irksome)
It’s easy to get tired of it

The new song is, song-wise, very sweet, but the dance is really hard

That is too difficult…

Even if AKB are the ones that want to attempt doing a more “difficult” style, I will still support SKE
Don’t you want SKE to retain its characteristic that much? XD

The costumes are definitely prepared to be distinctive.
Music industry.

The happy-feel of Gomenne Summer

Kataomoi Finally while being a very good song, the PV is…

Kataomoi, song-wise, is terrible but the PV is the greatest in the history of AKB, is it not

>>If the brawl scene in the bullring was included
although we cannot see it since it is cut, had it been there, the PV would’ve been perfect.

The one that shows SKE’s true worth are songs like Tsuyokimono or Shijin

or songs like Jealousy

What do you think?

The catchphrase being so long, contains just about everything making it not cute at all

Members who, during performances, would doing nothing but stare at wota
Members with no “let’s do something fresh!” attitude

“I will go to dreamland soon~” then post it to both Google+ and blog

Having no Fighting Spirit

If I have a chance to tell the thing I need.. I demand something that doesn’t come from their own selfish wish.

Believe that if one recklessly performing in live performance, someday they will be popular (doing trial and error to gain popularity won’t do any good). Then having satisfaction over one’s own performance.

Dark expression. Awkward smile (compared with the bright and expressive Senbatsu smiles)

Only thinking about one’s self, not thinking about the fans’s feelings. Doesn’t acknowledge the fans’s positive support.

Having no personality. Not even trying to make her own character.

“This guy is going to eat with this member again!”

Doesn’t have the will to do radio
Never trying to make one’s breast bigger

>>I wonder who stirred you to this

Filling blogs and Gugutasu with their own cooking
Posting nothing but their own pet’s photos.

Although the outcome of a certain event already passed, somehow still not getting over it

Being overly strict with seniority

Doesn’t seem to have motivation all the time

Neglecting Mobame

>>While those who neglects Mobame are usually the strong member huh

>>Proof of popularity
It looks like a form of status

Being talkative on G+

Not able to do what normal people think is good to be done
Not able to do simple things
If she doesn’t realize it then there is no helping it, but if she understands it and still not do it

The problem is rather than about being able to do something or not being able to do it, but more to the attitude of not trying to understand what others are asking out of them.

So stinking positive that there is no sense of caution at all

Neglecting the chance of interaction through SNS and Handshake event

One-handed handshake in Handshake event

I’m really heartbroken. For this kind of time, I am requesting a song from 48G that can cheer me up.

Oh my god (NMB48)

Soredemo Sukidayo


Madoromi (No3b)

Mosou Girlfriend

Tane (No3b)

Kimishika (No3b)

I’ve picked the best song, Kimi no Koto Suki Dakara
Akicha’s face is so refreshing

Milky’s ChapuChapu

Kiminara Daijōbu (French Kiss)

this is a situation for Hanabi wa Owaranai

Mujin Eki

Kibou ni Tsuite is surprisingly good

This is, Hatsukoi no Fumikiri

Mecha Ike
Namida no SeeSaw Game
Zero Sum Taiyo

Something like Kareha no Station

Majisuka Rock’n Roll and Yell YANKEE SOUL!

Omoide Ijou

the lyrics are good, the melody is good too

Seventeen, Namida no SeeSaw Game and ByeByeBye
AKB’s broken hearted love song are the best I guess

>>AKB’s cheerful high tone songs are all high-quality songs

Dakishimecha ikenai

Zutto Zutto

>>Zutto Zutto is good but isn’t that song more of a reconciliation song with an ex?

It has gone this far and Makeoshimi Congratulations has yet to be mentioned!

High school days

Yokaze no shiwaza

Typical girl’s song, I support Cady.

Even if there are loads of bad things happening at work, when I hear Candy I’m okay once again!

Probably Okie Dokie

>>while having no one to love anymore, that’s really sad…

Use Kibou no Sanmyaku to get your spirit back

Sorry but, in times of broken heart, no matter what song I hear I can only feel sadness.
There is no meaning in hearing broken hearted song.
For example, Puri-puri no M.

Instead, I hear an uplifting song.
Songs like RIVER or beginner.

Though being individualistic, it is the song that could lift our heads and look to the front.

Although it is becoming painful in this kind of situation but
[Sobakasu no Kiss]


Translates by Eshtar, Bryan, and Christine