Yoshirin “Rumor says They stayed over at a guys house and drank and smoked? …But I still support HKT48”

  August 19, 2012

>and then she 
stayed in went to a mans room 
other then mine?!?

Come on…. I love this crazy old man…!

    / 三三人三三\
    /  /     \  \
   / /        \  |
   | /          | |   Dude, what the hell r u talkin about
   | |   二   二  | |
   | ゝ ( ●)   (● )< |
  ノ  | ”       “ |  ヽ
  ( ( ヽ   (__人__)  / ) )    ___________
  )) ) .. ヽ、 . ||||==(⌒)ー、  | |             |
(( ((/   `` ||||     \ 〉  | |             |
( )) /   ,   | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ̄  | |             |
| | /.._/    ヽ回回回回レ     | |             |
| | | │_ nnnヽ___/     |_|___________|
 ̄ \__、(“二) └─┘ ̄l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

Wait, so this ridiculously long sentence is all written by one man?

Man, this is insane! I gotta love him!

Excuse me….

Let me through…. 

  |   / 
  | /| / 
  / / || 
 (ノ U 

And there are even other threads regarding to this blog post by him…

That’s Yoshirin quality, isn’t that? I can’t figure out whether he is a too-pure Ota or something…

Actually it’s his fault that he hasn’t stuck to the safest gir,Fresh Lemon, and cheat with HKT48

(Ota is) dreaming as getting wounded…

I think he is matured  than whining Ota as he never criticizes HKT’s manager.

He is such the most miserable and coolest matured man I’ve ever seen.

Will I be like him when I get old?

I want them to make a song based on this blog post and sang by HKT…

↑The title must be “Hey hey hey hey hey!”, right?

Honestly I don’t like this man, but… come on, this blog post hit my funny bone!

It might be the most interesting texts written on AKB lol

I leaned that when a guy has become Ota of this level, some people start to respect him rather than looking down… I don’t know how his relatives see him though…

Recently, Tawara Souichiro visited AKB theater and got hooked on Mitsumune Kaoru, so actually AKB still remains to be influential?

Though this is mere my speculation, as he is a friend of AkiP, maybe this is his role as a member of AKB project that speaking straight out the right thing that others don’t dare to say publicly. It gives relieves to Ota as they think at least Yoshirin shares the same sentiment with us.

This is actually a great choice of AkiP to let Yoshirin play this ideal role for him…

Yoshirin…. He enjoys being Ota so much lol

So because management can’t tell a lie publicly, they intentionally leak some information to Nikkan and tries to settle the case….

How come they will be fired for such a trivial violation lol

If this is the real reason, then we can expect that some of them will make a comeback like Kikuchi Ayaka?

Because this is voluntary withdrawal (based on their own will) not dismissal (based Management’s intention), it’s impossible to expect their comeback.

Don’t you remember there is a member by the name of Suzuki Shihori, who make a teary comeback after she left the group on her own will?

source, translated by Hana and Tommy