AKB48 Kitahara Rie made a comment on TV show テラスハウス, where she live with men in the same house

  September 30, 2012


On Sep 30th, AKB48 Member Kitahara Rie announced her participation in Fuji TV's new TV program called テラスハウス (Terraced House). This announcement was supposed to be made in the handshake event in Osaka on the same day, which was canceled due to the Typhoon Warning.

In the video, She talked she had a tough time to make a decision as living together with men in the same house cause her fans to have a complex feeling. But after having talk with staffs at Fuji TV and people close to her, she figured this is a huge change for her, and is something very challenging as no idols have ever joined this kind of show.

This TV program will start from 230:00, October 12th (Fri).

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So why they want to paint this as something sensational?
Solo youtube video reminded me of Acchan's graduation announcement and Yuko's election speech. It's actually too much for Kitarie…

Uhmmm it's really lacking some excitenment…. why? Because it was supposed to be like Ota will go crazy about this and media will write a headlines like Whoa! AKB members will live together with men!?!?
But after Maeda Atsuko's scandal, Karaoke Party, Farce at Janken tournament, everyone is like “So what?”…. haha…

From 12th? I

bet she will start living together from tomorrow….

3 Men and 3 women…. I think it's all up to the rest of members….

So where they will film this show? Where will she live? Nagoya? Tokyo?

Come on!

With this TV show for Kitahara, all of Not Yet members will have their solo regular TV show!!

What a farce, no way they haven't decided a cast of TV show that will start 2 weeks later LOL…. But yeah, we gotta enjoy this farce….

Actually what captivating about this kind of show is to wonder if she is serious about the romance or not….

↑I think this really suits Kitarie because she easily have a crush on men….

↑x2 I think to dream if she is serious on it or just acting is what's captivating about the show.

Probably fans try to convince themselves that it's acting, but even so, let7s fact it, they will feel a virtual feeling of romance during they're acting.

↑x3 If she falls in love, she will be fired, and that's why this is so thrilling and captivating.

I actually don't hate on management that they still try to pain this as some kind of surprise when it's obviously a farce after Suzuki Shihori revealed that Kitarie was already told about this before LOL

Probably her transfer to SKE won't take place soon.

I guess it'll be after new SKE48 theater is completed

I guess if this TV show will be successful, they will probably make the 2nd episode of the same show…




  1. unagi says:

    Kitarie, I’m not sure why you want to participate but I’ll accept this decision and hope the TV Show will end with you enduring it and coming back to your usual days. I still want to see you so much more in AKB related things because you’re one of my favourite members. 🙁

    • Chen Desheng says:

      Glad to hear this. She’s my oshimen (I don’t even care about AKB now that they took her out of UZA) and I hardly see any English speaking fans of her around.

      It’s quite painful for me to see the number of dislikes for this video, but the comments are mostly encouraging…(Though I’m quite sure hate comments can’t make it through the filter…) and seeing an encouraging one in English is even better.

      Una~ ∈(゜◎゜)∋

  2. Marty says:

    To be honest, I can’t understand the concept of this show – place 3 people of the opposite sex in a simulation setting to see whether they fall in love or not. That’s just warped on so many levels.

    Still, all the best to Kitarie, I was sure the decision was difficult for her to make as well but regardless of the case, let’s wish her all the best in the filming rather than flame her for it. As I pointed out in the previous article, she doesn’t really have a choice whether she can participate or not 🙁 Let’s hope that this show can bring her success and help to boost her popularity.

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      Guessing you never seen US dating reality shows if you think this is “warped”…..this is nothing really. At least the girls here will act in a much more dignified manners.

  3. annonymous says:

    Akip sure likes to stir emotions of the fans…