AKB48 Masuda Yuka raved by co-stars of her starring musical Whiz

  September 27, 2012
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Nakagawa Haruka 9/27 1:37

I often talk with her on the phone, though! LOL

Honestly, I want to go to meet her,
but I don't want to disturb her as she is working hard, trying her best for the big stage right now.
I want Yuka to have a great success with her musical!

Thus, for now, I'll patiently wait for her until it finishes!

Good luck!!! Yuka!!!

I'm rooting for you!!!!!

I love you~♪ LOL

It's kinda like I confessed my love to you LOL

I haven't met Yuka for a while.

Nakagawa Haruka 9/27 18:03

Today I went to watch Yuka's Musical!

It was terrific!! And I'm so moved to see Yuka giving everything to this musical…

I believe, tomorrow's prerimiere will be great, too~!

Yuka! Good luck!!

Your smile was the greatest one!!

I was so absorbed in the musical that I often left my mouth open…… LOL


Natori Wakana 9/27 17:56

I was offered an opportunity to go to watch the rehearsal of the musical Whiz.

The stage direction was outstanding (=^ェ^=)✩

It made me want to watch the real one!♥



Aigasa Moe 9/27 19:31

I watched the rehearsal of Musical Whiz!!
That was really wonderful \(^o^)/

It made me think I also want to be able to convey my feelings through dancing and singing!! (^^)

I want to watch it again ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♥
Awwwww~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Oshima Ryoka 9/27 19:36

I went to watch the rehearsal of Whiz٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Masuda-san's singing and acting gave me goosebumps!

I want to watch it again:)!


Masuda Yuka 9/27 14:11

Just now, we finished the on spot interview!! From now, we will hold reharsal in front of audiences!!
Those who come to watch today's stage. Please don't prepare yourself for anything!
Just open your mind and enjoy it!
Let's go to the dream world togetherwith us!
Burst our emotions!

Masuda Yuka 9/27 19:45

I'm in a state of numbness because I gave it everything to the rehearsal, the first milestone.
Aigasa Moe 9/27 20:16


When I watched Masuda-san's performance, I got goosebumps!!

It was really wonderful (^^)

Thank you so much!!




  1. Mochi says:

    The one saying girls who are 20-30 ranking are the best talents are kinda throwing shades on the top members isn’t it? lol…..
    Anyway congrat Yuka~

  2. domochin says:

    that’s why they called it Undergirls, some of them may got a talent that the top members didn’t have, same thing may happens to other members…everyone has their own talent, that’s just an opinion, because she was too amazed by her singing talent and everyone knows she’s one of the best singer in AKB… I hope Aki-P will open her eyes to this girl….

  3. cryt says:

    I don’t recognize many Wizard of Oz characters in these pics, just Yuka as Dorothy and maybe the lady in silver as Glinda the Good Witch?? oh well, anyways….

    Congratulations to Yuka, seems like she reached a new performance level under Director Amon’s guidance, more than she ever could under Aki-P’s “talent” management. Though, to be fair, the idol industry is built as a business more than on talent.