AKB48 The New Team System after the 2nd Reformation starts now!!

  September 7, 2012

Shinoda Mariko 9/6

Good morning! \(^o^)/Today, we’re filming MV( *`ω´)

Theater performance – KKS
Nottv – 5 members who will transfer
Kotani Riho, Watanabe Miyuki – in Tokyo

It’s confirmed, they’re filming MVs under new teams system.

Ohya Shizuka 9/6 9:57am

I heard Anna’s hobby is Deco(ration).
She’s made this one by herself…. Awesome… isn’t it?
I gotta ask her what’s her special skill!
I gotta keep asking questions to her like a guy who are trying to flirt a girl at a mixer.

Tougou Sora 9/6 20:09


She sounds like she was approached by men at mixers….

Anyway, it’s natural to consider this as something related to new team system as members who has been or will be transferred to other groups are not participating today.

Uhmm. This is a conversation between members of New team B…. Ishida Anna and Ohya Shizuka….

I really want to know more about how members of new teams are communicating each other.

So, today, Ripopo is in Tokyo, too?
Ripopo, please communicate with AKB members to the fullest~~!!

If they are with members of their new teams,
Ripopo will be with Yuihan.

Kotani Riho 9/6 3:10pm

Hai! This is Ripopo!!
It’s so fun….. My heart pounding…..

Yokoyama Yui 9/6 15:15

Ripopo-sa U・x・U n

It is so exciting to see Ripopo with top members of AKB!!!!!!

So Ripopo is in team A… yeah
But…. Still I can’t remember all member-lineups of the new teams…


As early as the first meeting with new team members, RIPOPO is being Hetare LOL

Kotani Riho 9/6 15:37

Niro~ni-san (^^)LOL

Kotani Riho 9/6 15:42

I’m seeking a good way to get closer to my seniors

Because NMB’s 1st gen is almost the same as AKB’s 11th, Yuihan will be considered to be an absolute senior by NMB menbers. Because she may have little time to meet with them, I hope she will actively communicate with the members.

Kitahara Rie 9/6 3:17pm

Or I should say since a little while ago?
I’ve been close to Juribou (Jurina)~~ ⊂(^ω^ )⊃


UnaJ (Kitahara Rie and Matsui Jurina)…. So this is also from the new team K. and they are also in team S.
Uhmmm Yuihan may get jealous…

If they are wearing costumes for today’s filming in this photo,
It looks like Kitarie is wearing a leather vest, a metal chain around her neck.
Jurina also looks like she is wearing a metal chain or some stubbed accessories on her neck.

Probably that will be MV of ALIVE-like style??

SOo… that suggests Unachan is dressed in Brody-style costume~!
Which means she is wearing this fluffy boots~~!


Watanabe Miyuki 9/6 6:43pm

This is my favorite fruit! Peach!♥
Yummy~ (*´Д`)



It looks like Milky has no intention to keep the uniform secret….

Wait…. Is Umechan also dressed in this uniform!?!?

Kojima Haruna 9/6 2:07pm

Today, I’m dressed in school uniforms~~\(^o^)/笑


Kojima-san then again wears school uniforms…. Lol
I guess she feels so shy as now Mariko isn’t with her~.

So the new team B will go with School Drama style?
Umechan will play a role of a teacher?

That will literally be… Umechan-sensei!

As far as I can see from their costumes and make-ups, it looks like the new teams will succeed the images of songs of the old teams.

I think it will be interesting if the new team B will be the Macho–style team like the current team K.

Shioda Mariko 9/6 7:23pm

My job as a captain is to make Monjayaki~ ( *`ω´) I gave Monjayaki specaially made by me to Macchan~~~♪ Hehehe~


The 26 years old kid said it’s a job of “Captain”….!!

It looks like Mariko-sama has found it not that bad to be a cpatain~.