Awful agitation on newspaper’s TV guide about Janken Tournament

  September 18, 2012

Awful description about AKB48 Janken Tournament

I can only sense malice from this description….

Porno Graffiti will hold a live performance in this program!?

You know what? They’re hyping. It’s all par for the course in Sho-Biz industry!

I can feel their humanity because they didn’t wrote, “Unpopular and obscure”.

It can’t be helped. Coz, We can’t their description is totally wrong….

“Betting on lives of their family members”….. Man, this part is awful….. or I should say it’s ridiculous….

By the way, sure, there’re some match where unpopular members challenge against popular members, but there’re tons of matches battled between unpopular members…. LOL

Actually they don’t write this texts to AKB fans.
It’s all about how to catch attentions from ordinary people that decide views rating.

After all, why they didn’t write “Janken Taikai (tournament)” instead of “Kayoukyoku, live broadcasting special”??

That explains everything….



Togasaki Tomonobu 4:16pm 9/18

I will update about the results of Janken tournament until TV Broadcasting will start!!

and scenes from Janken tournament on Google Plus!