Takayanagi Akane Struggles with Smartphones and Stunningly Ikemen Harukyan

  September 1, 2012
Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:15

I want to upload the movie (on Google plus),
my Galaxy returned a message which says “Unable to save the attached file due to storage no longer having space.”

I’ve deleted all photos I’ve saved on my phone, but it seems it won’t save the movie file, after all!!

How come!?!?

That’s why I don’t like to use smartphones! *cry

Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:17

I’m a DSLR person rather than a smartphone person!!


↑I guess she just wanted to appeal Churi:Camera…..

Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:17

I’ve been perpetually quarreling with Smartphone-san lol

Goto Risako 9/1 0:19

I can truly feel you♥c⌒っ.ω.)っ


Yea-sayer, Gorisa…..

Why she writes it “スマフォ” not “スマホ” LOL
My experience tells me that people who writes it “スマフォ” are low-tech guys…

Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:20

orz….. I can’t even understand advises that you kindly gave me…..

Kumatta Kumatta.
(Komatta: No idea what to do, Kumatta: Churi’s own way to say the word “Kumatta”)

Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:20

I even deleted movie files, but still no luck….

Kumatta Kumatta.


I can picture that Churi is hitting her “Bird pillow”….

Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:24

I re-started the smartphone,
I deleted messages…
but still no luck.


Takayanagi akane 9/1 0:25

There’s nothing I can do for this.
For tonight, I gotta admit defeat.

Guys, I’m gonna sleep.


Damn, I crush you!!

Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:26

I’m not a low-tech person.

It’s only for smartphones.


Takayanagi Akane 9/1 0:27

I’ve fixed a lot of machine malfunctions!

But…. Smartphone-san was different…..

he is so special……

Maybe this is LOVE?

No way, it can’t be true….. NanNan!!!←

(NanNan: In Kansai dialect, this word means “What the heck is this all about?”)
(NanNan: a nickname of SKE member, Suga Nanako)


I think she finally used the word NanNan in the correct context…. lol

Takayanagi-sensei, please admit your defeat!

I love it when girls state flatly that she is not a low-tech person!

I think Churi’s personality has been becoming so unique and standing out lately…..^^

Sato Amina 8/31 15:48

Today’s nottv will be so hot…..


Sato amina 8/31 16:30

Haruki……. My heart is pounding…… お、、おおん、、、

Today’s programs are….

■This time, Ishida-san came up with the idea for the show!!
Haruki’s “dressing like a man” special!!
We invite people who do cross-dressing professionally as guests for our show, and held a program that had the cross-dressing theme!!!

LOL Harukyan’s cross-dressing? That will surely drive Amina insane……

They should have invited Sakiko-Shisho, too……

Yeah, Sakiko is also crazy about Harukyan when she is disguised like a man.

Yudai Takenaka 8/31 19:20

Amina-san has been getting so high throughout today’s show!!

Nakatsuka Tomomi 8/31 19:53

Harukyan is sooooo Ikemen but tiny winnie, too! Cute~~~~~~!!!!!
Mita Mao 8/31 22:32


I saved them at the speed of the light!!!

Danna looks soooo Ikemen….

Amina looks like she is completely in ecstasy…..

This woman previously made an appearance in AKBINGO!.

And I think it’s a herald of a marital quarrel between Danna and Yome…..

Fujie Reina 8/31 22:16

Where are you~~~~??? \(^o^)/

(AndareP, I’m using a photo from your post without permission lol)


Yudai Takenaka 8/31 22:17


Oh my gosh…. she found that photo……. lol

Fujie Reina 8/31 22:17

Fujie Reina 8/31 22:18

Fujie Reina 8/31 22:18


It’s like an investigation of a missing husband who is cheating on his wife….

LOL Yome goes insane…..


Translated by Tommy