For the Scandal Gokon Party with Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko made an apology to fans

  September 15, 2012

Jurina, who only joins a part of the show, greeted to fans.

Yuko, greeted to fans, apologizing “I’m so sorry to have you make worried.” 

By the way, Oshima Yuko made an apology to fans in the beginning of the concert.

From Twitter

It was like this.

Yuko was after all protected by tons of fans and there’s no one who were angry against her.

Probably it’s because Yuko fans bought tickets for the concert just to protect her.

What was it like around the venue?

Whatever, Japanese are people of good sense.

I went to Sashiko’s Handshake booth right after the scandal as well as “Mokugekisha” stage.

There were literally no one who threw harsh words to her.

The only things I heard was cheers supporting her.

What about other members? Did they talk to Yuko just normally?

Coz I don’t know how much I can reveal about the content of the concert…… uhmm

Anyway, they didn’t talk anything about the topic.

Well…. thanks.

I just wanted them to behave just as usual ^^

Whether the report is true or not, actually no one has still confirmed it yet.

And if they touched this topic in an unprepared way, maybe Anti will soon react and bash members….

So it’s good for them not to talk anything about the Bunshun’s scandal report.

I feel so sorry for the girls as they are flamed by Anti when they are doing just normal things.

Wait, she didn’t apologize at all LOL

When will Maeda hold her solo event?

It’s crappy Maeda, who should make an apology to fans.

Apologize to members, apologize toe her juniors.

At this point, she is a shame of AKB48.

Revealed her butts in public, got dumped by a man….


I know everything about AKB48 is a cheesy Drama -_-

Let’s make “JAMIL” call to Yuko at Janken tournament!! LOL

Do it.

Do the JAMIL call!

But there’re tons of enemies for you.

She is the most popular member of AKB48, after all.

I would rather recommend you not to be hit by Yuko Ota.

The 5 members of HKT48 weren’t even given a change to make an apology.

Acchan was exposed to hateful fans at Handshake event….. and got fired…

This is…. the reality!! ”Unequal society”!!

They should have given her a proper penalty soon before crazy Anti started making fuss all over internet….

Resume your blog! And Good Luck for your Janken Tournament challenge!!

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