Former AKB48 Yonezawa Rumi revealed "I was in a relationship when I was in AKB48"

  September 16, 2012

Yeah I know, everyone knows….

But the thing is, is it okay to say this kind of thing publicly?

It’s just because she want to continue to be in Sho-Biz by any means.

Looks like she is doing better after she left the group!
Hope her best luck~☆

*She made a Solo appearance in DTDX, the TV show only 3 members of 48 groups did the same thing. (Maeda Atsuko, Kitahara Rie and Matsui Rena (in Oct))

I think these kind of thing must be revealed AFTER AKB48 has broken up….
But I can understand because while she is waiting til AKB48 will break up, she may disappear from this industry…..

Whether she is telling a truth or not, why this idiot can’t use her imagination that her thoughtless remark will cause unnecessary trouble to current members of 48 groups….
Selfish girl…
The only thing in her mind is to survive in this business and don’t care about any troubles she may cause to others?

Because Love-Ban-Law was established after AKB48 has become popular, so I think in the early days, most of them had boyfriends.

After all, the only member who we can trust is Tanamin(Tanabe Miku)

I still remember that night, that dawn, as if it were yesterday…

You know what? She used to be UNDERGIRLS.

And there was a time she was above Matsui Rena and Sashihara Rino in the election….

I think she can survive in this business by marketing herself as “Former AKB member who had boyfriend when she was in the group”

I LOL’d how she is totally bitching around…
You know, there were fans, if not many, who were seriously supporting her…