Goodbye Maeda Atsuko from Google Plus…

  September 6, 2012

AKB48 17:00 9/6

This is an announcement that we will be closing Maeda Atsuko’s Google Plus account on 24:00 on Sep 20.
AKB Google Plus management team.

Nooooooo………. (つд⊂)

I want her to open a personal account(?) like Cindy….

So her last update on Google Plus was April 1st….

I was keeping a faint hope that she wil continue Google Plus as management didn’t delete it right after her graduation….

But I think for Acchan, she had the thought that she already quit G+ awhile ago.
Though she sometimes made a surprise appearance on Gonchan’s (Nakagawa Haruka) Google Plus….

Her last update was a message to Takamina at her Seitansai.
Until this March, she had updated and communicated with members so often on Google Plus.
But because most of the Original Members have gradually drifted away from Google Plus, she’s also gone….
It was a good to see Acchan and Mariko talked with each other on G+…

Maeda Atsuko 2012/04/01

There are things that I cannot notice when someone is near .

So that I won’t regret it later .

I will say thank you .


She rarely use Kaomoji on Galaxy, which may be because it was so bothersome to add some tweaks to the smartphone….. she ended up using very simple emoticons….

This is also a very Acchan like episode…. ><

And I LOL’d when I saw the English Page of Acchan’s Google Plus as back then, many gaijin fans thought she was writing that.

It was a good comment, but as always, she made typo…..

Google Plus was fun…
Even though she didn’t update her own account often, she often left comments on other members posts. Which gave us to take a sneak peek of her real personality….. ><
She was…. Just so cute….

Normally they delete the account one week after the member’s graduation, but it looks like Acchan is an exception…

Maeda Atsuko 2012/02/05

It seems she likes Sakura-Denpun 🙂

Joe Eriko 2/5 20:32

What is Sakura-Denpun??

*Sakura Denbu (Fish Wool. Fish Floss)

There was a moment like this, and I could never imagine both to graduate in 2012….

Feb 5? It’s the last day for Nacchan and Yone…

There had been so many things in 2012….
Hirajima, Yonezawa were fired
Cindy joined Warota
Assan graduates
Sashihara made it and was sent to Hakata
Akicha nad Gon will move to Jakarta
Sae and Yanne will move to Shanghai
Love will move to Hakata
Etc etc…

They will surely make a Documentary Movie vol.3..

Probably…… The Documentary movies for this year may not be only one, but they will separate each story into 2 or 3 different movies….?