HKT48 Shimono Yuki grabs the last spot for the Janken Tournament Finals!

  September 17, 2012

HKT48 holds Surprise Preliminary Round for Janken Tournament, Shimono Yuki grabs the last spot for the Finals!

Are you serious???

Is it to fill one remaining position in the Janken Chart?

Preliminary to fill one remaining frame in the Janken Tournament

Oh! Its to fill Saayan’s (Eto Sayaka) frame?

Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:08

Fight for the one remaining frame is in progress now.


Sato Kazuya Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:12

First, Matches between Kenkyuusei 3 members
Winner is decided as Fukagawa Maiko!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:17

Combinations have been decided.


I’m happy if Sakura-chan can come
It would be terrible if Sashihara gets selected no? LOL

Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:21

First match is, Kodama vs Miyawaki


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:22

The winner is, Kodama Haruka!


That was a Showdown between the Ace’s

Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:25

2nd Match
Shimono vs Murashige
The winner is, Shimono Yuki!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:27

3rd game
Kumazawa vs Wakatabe
The winner is, Wakatabe Haruka!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:28

4th match
Anai vs Fukagawa
The winner, Anai Chihiro Captain (of Team H)!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:32

5th Match

Motomura vs Matsuoka

The winner is Motomura Aoi! End of First round.


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:33

6th Match
Kodama vs Shimono
The winner is, Shimono Yuki


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:36

7th Match
Wakatabe vs Sashihara
The winner is, Wakatabe Haruka!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:37

8th Match
Anai vs Ueki
The winner is, Ueki Nao!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:40

9th Match
Motomura vs Tanaka
The winner is, Tanaka Natsumi


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:43

Shimono vs Wakatabe
The winner is, Shimono Yuki!


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:46

2nd Semifinals:
Tanaka vs Ueki
The winner is Ueki Nao!
The winner, Ueki is crying for some reason


Sato Kazuya 9/16 19:49

Shimono vs Ueki
The winner is, Shimono Yuki!


Yes! Shinamon Yossha!
But i am Madoka Oshi!

I’m so happy for Shinamon, She’ll appear a lot on TV now

Madoka, Chiyori, Shinamon
Its not a shame if anyone from these three becomes the center this time

Shinamon Congratulations!

This means that if Shinamon wins two more times, she can get into the Senbatsu!

Even if Shinamon wins, in the finals all the members expected to win would be ハズレじゃん

That’s certainly true
What will she do?

Now that you’re selected you have to win!

Sato Kazuya 7:52pm 9/16

3 members from HKT48 to join Janken tournament are now decided to be Nakanishi Chiyori, Moriyasu Madoka and today’s winner, Shimono Yuki!!


source., Translated by Vipul