Murashige Anna, who feels alone in school, received the coolest encouragement from Matsui Jurina

  September 21, 2012

Murashige Anna 22:46

I called Jurina-san yesterday.
I got Jurina-san listen to me, and we talked about various topics.

Topic about my school life~
Though I’m always trying to get laughs with gags,
I’m actually isolated from everyone at my school.
At first, I figured that because I have the members, I don’t care if I can’t get along with friends at school,
But this is Murashige that you’re talking about,
it’s tough not to talk with anybody at school. LOL

So I tried to talk to them a couple of times,
But somehow it’s so scary~
Like how people look at me,
I can’t help but image that
they might think “She is being cocky because she is in HKT48.”

So I talked about this to Jurina-san.
She said to me,
“You don’t need to be scared because you’ve done nothing wrong~ *smile*”
“Why don’t you talk to everybody tomorrow at school!
If they ignore you even when you talk to them, I will go to your school!”
I was so impressed and happy when I heard this.
Because it’s Jurina-san, and she said this to me,
Things will definitely be alright.
So I entered the classroom while being as hyper as I am during theater performances.
So yeah,
some of them gave me icy stares,
but some replied back to me with,
Which made me so happy! Piepita!

This is all thanks to Jurina-san!
Thank you so much Jurina-san!!
Somehow, I think it’s not really like Murashige to feel down, so I hate this!
Yeah, so…
Murashige will make an effort to make friends from today!

So yeah, good night!

Oh wait, please watch Majisuka3~!


Murashige Anna 9/21 22:45

Ichikome♪ (1st comment)

By the way, I think you were absent from school during the filming, Murashige~.

Sounds like Sashihara is not a type of girl who she can count on.

Classmates: “Whoa! If we ignore Murashige, will we be able to meet Jurina!?!?”

After all, they are about the same age, so they may be able to understand each other’s feelings well.

This reminded me of Takamina and Miichan’s episode….

*Miichan was also kinda isolated back when she was in junior high shcool. Takahashi Minami worried about her and attended her graduation ceremony with Miichan’s parents.

Probably one of reasons why members who are junior high students often get depressed is because they are often absent from a school, which causes them to be distant with their school mates…

If you run through the comments that sound like they are coming from little kids, you’ll probably notice that many of them are actually jealous of members who are junior high school student.
Probably it’s a bit annoying to see that girls who are at the same age as them are given special treatment as talents.

Jealousy towards famous junior idols has been around among people since long time ago, but nowadays it’s all the more aggressive because of internet.
It’s actually tough to be famous, both for talents and ordinary people…

I think while Sashihara was isolated in junior high school just because she was a ridiculously enthusiastic fan of Hello Project!. Jurina had experienced her junior high school days as as a talent.
Besides, Murashige is much closer to Jurina in age than Sashihara.
So Jurina is the ideal person for her to confess this kind of worry.
If she want to ask something about comedy or talking, it would be no one but Sashihara.


Yesterday, she sent a video letter to HKT’s beleaguered Ace for her Seitansai…. ToT

It’s quite different from my image of Jurina, but…. hats off to her. I respect her as a human being.

I didn’t expect that Murashige to make me cry…

I guess Jurina is actually quite deep as she is experienced tons of things that normal people would never ever experience…

Because she was taken care by Mariko-sama, now, she wants to do the same thing to her juniors.
Jurina is such as nice girl…

Jurina-san…. LOL She is like a character from comic books!
“I will go to your school!!”
This is freaking awesome…

I didn’t imagine that behind A~nya’s GuiGui, she had this kind of suffering …

That’s why she could bring SKE48 to the mainstream music scene and made it the group that can sell half-million.

They performed “Te o Tsunaginagara”, and joined “idolnation” and now they are performing “Kiss datte Hidarikiki” with some of SKE members at the HKT48 theater.
I have the impression that HKT48 is more like a lil sister of SKE48 rather than one of AKB48.

Uhmm unexpectedly? Sure.
She actually sent a birthday message to a member of team E a little before.
But because she is not a type of girl who speak this kind of story publicly, she is often misunderstood by her as she is arrogant or authoritative…

This is the start of “Legendary episodes of Jurina” series!!