Minegishi Minami aka Miichan is JUST TOO ADORABLE

  September 1, 2012

Miichan… you’re so adorable^^

This heart-warming feeling when I see W-Minami together….

Takamina came to help Miichan in Miichan’s Gachi-Chare.
Besides, even NyanNyan (Kojima Haruna) cheered her up (she only made voice appearance in the show)
No Sleeves for lyfe!!

I love the way she cried in this photo….
She looks like a little girl^^

Yuko is attacking Miichan with her eyebrows

 NyanMina (Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami)’s love towards Miichan is seriously more than awesome.

Miichan rampaged as she didn’t want to be separated with Acchan.

 And Acchan cracked up as she’s watching Miichan.

 I hadn’t know she was bullied in the school until I read this article….

Summary: When she got her fist Center position for a song in A3rd “Tsukimisou”, and got a front row position for a song “Seifuku ga Jama o suru”, also in A3rd, most of the fans reacted negatively. She was only 13 back then, and she was terrified by the reactions from fans who were much older than her. She was so scared that whenever the curtain times of theater performances was approaching, her legs were trembling and she was almost crying. It was her grandmother who saved her. “When fans throw nasty words to you at the theater, I will be there and say to them “Don’t hurt my Minami!”, so don’t worry. ”
Right after I joined AKB48, there was a period when I was boycotting school. As students who work in show-biz was rare in my school, I was bullied by my seniors. “This is how an idol looks like? Lame!” She felt sick everyday when she woke up, and started skipping school often. It was also her grandmother who helped her. “When something happened at school, I will go to your school to save you, so don’t worry.” Thanks to her, Miichan has learned to have a courage to perform with a smile on her face to both people who don’t like her and people who like her.


Miichan still can’t stop crying

 NyanNyan’s godly tender face as she is soothing Miichan.

 Miichan is trying hard to make NyanNyan laugh.

 BFF, Miichan and Takamina

Mariko-sama always upload photos of Miichan on her blog,
She also replied to a message from Miichan in the TV-show Gachi Chare

 Miichan always bends down when she shakes hands with children in order not to look down them.

 Paparazzi Takamina trying to take a picture Miichan’s sleeping face

Kojima-san used to use Miichan’s funny face as the wallpaper for her iPhone.

 Because she is poor at applying eyelash liner,

 She always let other do make-up of her. She also let others feed her food^^

 Miichan is trying to cook. Takamina is watching Miichan with a worried look.

 W Minami sharing one bowl of Ramen.

 NyanNyan is enjoying Miichan’s soft thighs.


Miichan is soooo cute….
Why was she not in a high spot in the election….

↑Don’t say that (ΘωΘ)