New Unit of AKB48 “Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE”

  September 21, 2012

Rossy (a part of comedian duo Yasei Bakudan (Wild Bomb)) 9/21

Today I joined the filming of “Happy Music”!! “Sashihara Rino with AN・RI・RE” guested the show! They are a freshly created group! And surprisingly, this group has started today!! Which means they looked so tensed up, but we could have fun filming! The show wil be broadcast on Oct 19! Plz check it out!

AN = Iriyama Anna
RI = Kawaei Rina
RE = Kato Rena

So AN・RI・RE stnads for Iriyama Anna, Kawaei Rina and Kato Rena, right?

Recently they’ve been close to each other, and be absent from theater performances together.

Summary I made from comments on Sashihara Rino fan thread!

Kawaei Rina 21:47

I finished today’s work\(^o^)/

I promised with Anni-san and Renatsuchi to have meals together next time(´Д⊂ヽ♥

What will we have for the meal(゜-゜)♬?]

As expected, we shall eat meat~ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Everyone! What do you think we should have for the meal☆?

Iriyama Anna 21:55

Kao Rena 21:55

Tano Yuka 9/20 21:56

Kawaei Rina 9/20 22:11

Ann2-san, Rena土
Kato Rena 9/20 22:16

It’s not 土(Tsuchi)-!!
Iriyama Anna 9/20 22:41

It’s not 2 (NI)!

The same three won’t join the theater performance next week, too…

And Sep 24 is the day of live broadcasting of Hey!x3

Which suggest that AN・RI・RE are the group that consists of

Iriyama Anna
Kawaei Rina
Kato Reta

This is….. an unit to execute Sashihara publicly!! (Because looks-wise there might be the sheer gap between Sashihara and the three)

Annin will steal all eyes in the show.

So in behind the scenes, Ricchan and Renacchi’s transfer to Ohta production have already decided!?
Or like Yuihan, the agency is trying to hedge them?

I don’t have much to say about this, but it looks the three are mere extra to Sashihara…

The speculation that members who haven’t been mentioned before will become Center from around next Spring has been getting so plausible.

Age-wise, Ricchan may have the best chance?

Did he mistype “AN・RIE” as “AN・RI・RE”

AN = Annin
RIE = Kitarie

Then it can be explained as an unit from Ohta members.

So it’s gonna be something like “Nagisa no Cherry”.

↑Yeah we can picture it.

Is this time-limited unit?

What about Not Yet!?

So the three are the members who want to market themselves by making the most of Sashihara’s popularity?

Because Sashihara will appear in Hey!x3, probably they will accompany her? And that’s why all three will be absent from theater performance on Sep 24.

①They want to promote the three by using Sashihara’s poularity
②They want to promote Sashihara by making the most of the three


What I’m concerned about are

①The three might just be standing there, without leaving any particular impression to people
②The future career of the three when they are promoted in this halfhearted manner

AN・RI・RE…. It’s hard to pronounce…

What about Not Yet, anyway!?!?

↑Seems like this is gonna be some special unit dedicated for Sashihara’s 2nd single….

↑Gonna be something like Mayuzaka?

I think the idea basically started from Sashihara’s 2nd single.
Probably because of the scandal, there’re some difficulties to make the single purely consists of her solo act, they added the three girls.
And that’s why they postponed the release date by one month, perhaps?

I’m expecting that AN・RI・RE will make a CD debut (without Sashihara)

It’s laughable to make AN・RI・RE become a solo unit.

Gingham Check – 6th application – The number of Sold Out

Kawari *8/18 (2 ←Almost sold out)
Iriyama *0/18
Kato Rena *0/*9

↑ Ohhh okay, it was just a sweet daydream….

↑ That’s why they need to have promotional push to enjoy more media exposure.
And they need to grab this rare chance and achieve result.
Sashihara’s role is just to arrange the opportunity for them.

Annin has been getting popular on Google Plus, so I’m hoping she will make a big leap.

↑ Until the election, I had an impression that she is boring, a tipical type of girls who are beautiful but never be successful in Show-Biz.
But after the election, I think her image has been gradually changing…

↑It can be possible if they can bring on result?

I think this is a decent choice, but the name of the unit is hard to pronounce…..

It can be possible that this unit consists of Ishida Anna, Chikano Rina and Yamada Reika.

If this would be true, they will perfectly match Sashihara.

I guess this is gonna be something like Mayuzaka.
But I just want them to make a decent MV.

Though if it would end up something similar to “Nagisa no Cherry”, I would feel sorry for the three….

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