Pachinko AKB48 1st Single “Juryoku Sympathy” will be released on Sep 8 at Pachinko Stores and AKB Shops

  September 6, 2012

The start of “Team Surprise” – Press conference

Regular Ver (only available online) released on Sep 12
Pachinko Hall ver. released on Sep 8
Price 1,050

*Photos for Pachinko ver. and Normal ver. are different.

So they will release all 12 songs as singles….. orz

By the way, they’ve already announced the offical details of the Unit for this setlist?

There is already an official announcement about the Unit of Kashiwagi, Oshima and Maeda.
From Sep 8, the 2nd song “Suiyoubi no Alice (Wednesday’s Alice )” will be released on the Pachinko Machines. It’s a song with a 5 member unit.

Because my Oshi isn’t in the team, I have no interest in this one….

Anyway, it was really nice that I could watch the performance of “Juryoku Sympathy” by team Surprise at Tokyo Dome concert….


“Juryoku Sympathy” – Team Surprise