Takahashi Minami made the first appearance in BBQ's Ichikomeda and 3 more!

  September 27, 2012
Matsumura Kaori 1:26am 9/27

DDQ Matsumura Kaori's Konya mo Ichikomeda #118


The god of Tuhmbnails didn't smile at me tonight…
God…, why in the world…?






Guys!! I saw this on the newspaper!!

Oct 9th's issur of FLASH
■Content: (Gravure?) Sato Seira

I LOL'd.

I'm actually surprised that 2ch can be a solid source for media….. LOL

Actually many media collect information from 2ch…
And Yahoo is famoulsy one of them. But what the big deal? At least this article is nothing harmful nor dnouncing fans .

*R25 is run by Recruit, the company where Saruoba used to work for and a pretty established cooperation now.

Sato Seira 4:11pm

Hey hey!!!


I will join the photo shoot whole day long tomorrow★

I'm looing forward to itー\(^^)/

I will let you know about the details at a later date!

Everyone, Please looking forward to it, too♪



Noseblooding at veins under skin of her boobs….

Takamatta…. (This made me high…)

Abiru Riho 16:51


Ishida Anna 8:48pm 9/26

I decorated Sato Seira-chan's swimsuits that she wore for the Janken Tounrmanet (´ω`)

This is a photo I took during I was working on it♥

Because this is the first time I decorated costumes,
I was worried if I could make it cuteた( ´•ω•` )

I tried to make gradation color on it based on the image of Seira-ch

an, so that even though it's swimsuits, it can be a sort of sophisticated.
What do you think about this????

Seira-chan was pleased with this(♡´▽`♡)



Matsui Rena 22:16

Bring it on!!
Iron tight defense! LOL


Murashige Anna Orignally shared this post

Want to give my Murashigesment to that girl, Matsui Rena-san.

Or should I not do it??



Rena is so kind….
She casually gave a encouraging comment to Murashige last time, too^^

Murashige Anna 20:54 9/23

Murashige….. don't want to lose to 2gen members!!
Nope! I'll never lose to them!!

Matsui Rena 20:58

It's very important to keep that feeling in our hearts, isn't it!
Nakagawa Haruka 21:05

If it's Murashige who we are talking about, she will never lose!!

Takahashi Juri 21:10

Murashige won't lose to them. Definitely.



I wish they will cast Matsui Rena or Kitahara Rie for this kind of Drama as a role of Ghosts…..



  1. cheeseramen says:

    Lol, it doesn’t matter if they win or lose. The Janken tournament was really more about getting girls their appeal time. Glad to see it paid off for Seera.

    And Sheegs! I’d like to see you try! Ahahahaha! Don’t underestimate Rena. Don’t forget, she’s been honing that iron-clad defense ever since she debuted with Jurina. 😀

  2. irontech says:

    I’m glad that Seira is getting jobs for a magazine photo-shoots and thus, move closer to what she has always wanted, a top gravure model.

    Good job done by Ishida Anna on her bikini, as well.

  3. cryt says:

    Matsumura’s Ichikomeda title shot has a really cute chibi chara of herself, did Airin draw it for her? lol it totally looks like her with the ノ ヽ eyebrows, crocodile teeth, and buggy eyes. I didn’t really understand the whole video but she was really nervous/grateful? that Takamina joined her video?

    And it’s nice to hear that SKE members help each other backstage, even though they can’t all join in the Janken spotlight. Anna seems like a caring member, too bad I always gets her mixed up with Suda Akari tho 🙁
    And of course, Congrats to Seira, she’s been aiming for the big gravure gigs for awhile now.

    Murashige gets replies from all sorts of members, SKE top2, AKB 3rd gen, Team 4….. awesome

  4. Gerry C says:

    Well that’s compditive girls for you……OMG imagine trying to keep this lot happy…mmmmmmm