Watanabe Mayu Solo Event, Shinoda Mariko “Mayuchan for Center” and 2 more!

  September 16, 2012

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I didn’t know she has a Maitake allergy….!

This hairstyle is so cute… Her ears are so cute


Otona Jelly Beans


Itsudemo Sobani Iteageru

Zannen Shojo

Koyubi no Hohoemi

Synchro Tokimeki

Mariko-sama talked about Mayuyu at the last portion of the Janken navi!!

Mariko “This year, I want my juniors to go up!! So, I think it’s going to be interesting if someone like Mayuchan will become a center for this Janken Single.”

I’m so glad that Mariko-sama is recently Mayuyu-Oshi~~~.

Mariko-sama, thank you so much!

I hope Mayuchan will grow into a beauty just like Mariko-sama has been constantly become more and more beautiful!!