YuiParu (Yokoyama Yui and Shimazaki Haruka) in Janken Tournament made my heart

  September 21, 2012

Both are in Senbatsu! It’s so exhilarating!!!

YuiParu! Congratulations!!!

They will be in the same lane in upcoming handshake events!!!!!!!!!

You can’t underestimate the influence of Janken tournament…

This lane is awesome!!
I want to see Paruru frolicking with Yuihan!

So YuiParu are close to each other??

↑Their relationship is actually like the one of real sisters.

Wow I didn’t know they’re that close!
Somehow, I’m captivated by the friendly aura they’re exuding.
I love the two. Especially, I’ve come to like Yuihan so much!

Okada Takashi 9/20

Paruru won over Komariko (Nakamura Mariko) and her next opponent was Yuihan.
I love the scene where she hugged Yuichan as if she was saying “Oh no! I won (/ω\)”.
This is one of my best favorite photos.


↑ Their smiles are priceless.

Their eyes look so much alike!! They’re like sisters!! Great shot!

Two beautiful girls…
Japan is an awesome country…

Cat eyes, Nynachu-sen and dimple combi!!!

I consider YuiParu as the next generation’s AtsuMina.

Man, I love this combi~

YuiParu are the healer of our souls….

It was so exhilarating to watch this battle between best friends!!!

Kimono Yuichan and Bakaleya Paruru!

Though Paruru won the Center position, I really appreciate Yuihan to be her side in Janken Senbatsu….

Semi Final – YuiParu match

That was the best Janken match ever….

YuiParu request chu~~~~~♪

I’m so moved…. I really wanted to see this scene…

I couldn’t expect YuiParu’s era will come that early…”

The next MV will be unbearably awesome for YuiParu Oshi….!!

Some day, say, one or two years later, I want to see them as double Center for the normal Senbatsu song!!!!!

Please someone give me a captured image of YuiParu sitting next to each other at 1:47:00.

It was between the victory of Yuichan and when Paruru was called.

Yuihan…. Because she was too beautiful…. I stole this from somewhere… LOL


↑ Yeah it’s from Nikkan Sports.

They chose a photo that makes us want to say “Oh man, you could find better photos for Paruru~.”

↑ Dude, this cuteness is more than enough!!

Looks like she is thinking…

“I don’t want to fight against my friend, Yui…”

Don’t you think Yuihan has such tender eyes?

Paruru is so cute~!! And what a presence from IWA next to Yuiparu!!

Right before “Ready” call of the semi final battle between Yui and Paruru, I saw Paruru was whispering something to Yuihan, and Yuihan was nodding to Paruru with a gentle smile…

Do you have any idea what Paruru was speaking to her??

Though it may sound quite conventional, I guess….

Paru: “Yuichan, I’m so sorry…. I’ll pick scissors…”

Yui: “Don’t mind….. I can understand you.”

Even if people call this “setup”, in this case, I would rather appreciate the story.

Though belated to bring up this….

Okada Takashi 9/19

It’s also nice to  see Shimazaki Haruka hugging Yokoyama Yui every time she won the match.

Yeah, that’s expected because it may hurt if she hugs IWA LOL

Well, all joking aside, Yuihan obviously looks so pleased to send off Paruru.

And that made my eyes almost watery~~

After all, YuiParu is the awesome thing ever. I’m so anticipating the PV of Janken single!! I’m also secretly expecting that Uchida Mayumi will make a cameo appearance as IWA.

Shimazaki Haruka 10:26pm 9/21

Handshake event in Nagoya. I’m in the same lane with YUI! LOL
Yokoyama Yui 9/21 22:34

I LOL’d! I’m looking forward to it!

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