Kawaei Rina will have a dialogue with…… A…… Akimoto YASUSHI!! and 2 more!

  October 1, 2012

Kaneko Tsuyoshi   10/01 19:00

Dear fans, this is the announcement of the delay of team N's original Stage

Team N's original Stage, which was announced previously to start from Oct 8th will be postponed due to the lack of preparation.
We will inform you of the Shonichi (start) of the stage at a later date.

We're truly sorry that we couldn't live up to the expectations of our many fans.
I hope you will allow us to have some more time that will be neccesarry to make a good stage.

On another note, for the 2nd anniversary team N stage that is scheduled to be held on Oct 8th, NMB48 will perform a special setlist.
Hope you will come to watch the growth and improvement that these girls have made over the past 2 years.


I already knew this….

Next, we will see Sayanee's direct appeal to Yasusu………

I think it's too optimistic that you can get your original setlist without direct appeal….

I know they've already prepared everything….

But without Sayanee's direct appeal,

they won't unveil anything….

Sayanee, we're waiting for your direct appeal to Yasusu….

If you don't say nothing, it will be postponed forever…


Osawa Tsuyoshi at Watanabe Production 17:10 10/1

(skip – announcement of Kashiwagi Yuki's solo radio program and French Kiss's Kis razi!)

And Sato Natsuki's regular Radio program will start from October in Kyusyu area.

FBS “Mentai Wide” (めんいたワイド) 15:48-17:50 every Monday

RKB Radio “Hitouch!” (ハイタッチ!) 20:200-22:00 every Wednesday to Friday

Regarding DVD release of Kashiwagi Yuki's 1st solo live concert “Netemo Sametemo Yukirin World” (寝ても覚めてもゆきりんワールド), we may be able to announce the release date within October.

The release date will be around, say, New Year… Oops I jumped the gun…


In addition, re

garding Kashiwagi Yuki's solo debut project, we've been having meetings with people involved everyday. Please wait patiently until we can release the information.

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Kawaei Rina 10/1 20:02

Today is the release date of Monthly Heroes!!

How come…!!

I have a dialogue with Akimoto-sensei (秋元康/あきもとやすし)( ・`д・´)♬

We're asking everyone to submit my catchphrase!!(゜-゜)★

For the details, please click on the link

Oshima Ryoka 10/1 20:06

Woww this is great!!



  1. asudja says:

    N3 postponed again.. lolol… it will be worth the wait.. IT HAVE TO BE!!

  2. gdi says:

    They should stop announcing the date again and again and again when obviously they’ll just postpone it over and over again. Just tell us you can’t do it this year and give us an accurate and firm date so you don’t disappoint fans when you can actually avoid it..

  3. cryt says:

    If Milky appealed directly with G+ fishing, Aki-P will definitely take notice and write up a new setlist within a week.