Kitagawa Kenji’s (北川謙二) Short. ver MV released

  October 8, 2012


Guys, this is sooo awesome!

Nice, and Yokoyama doesn’t look awkward surrounded by NMB girls!

Sayanee, Milky, Nana and Yuihan.
Because of their costumes, they completely look like Not Yet in my head.

This is soooo POP!!
And I’m so excited that Nana-tan is also a main cast of the MV!!!

So Kitagawa Kenji is under the balckboard (in POP color scene)?

I think probably Sayanee, Milky and Yuihan are the main cast for the scene in the classroom.

I’m a Yuihan Oshi and I want to say thank you to NMB48 as she never gets that much appearance in MV for AKB48’s singles!!!

↑I’m counting on you to buy tons of theater versions!!

I’m sooo looking forward to the full version!!

Is it only me who think exceeding Nagiichi can be possible with this single!?!?

They filmed this MV at the Tokyo HQ of Yoshimoto Agency

This MV has already been approved as a Masterpiece.

According to the order of their appearance in the MV, Nana-chan is considered the No.4 in NMB, right?

It’s a Godly MV actually!! 

I always love this simplicity of idol’s MVs.

Megane!! They look all cute in glasses!!!

I’m jealous…. 北川謙二’s MV’s so nice. After all, school uniforms and school-based Drama setting are the most Kawaii MVs.

【NMB48 6th Single 北川謙二 (Kitagawa Kenji) 2012.11.07 on sale】