Looking at the Heart and Soul of AKB48 through Iwata Karen

  October 7, 2012
Togasaki Tomonobbu 01/01/1990 00:00

This morning, I was hoping I would make it on time at the appointed time, after I barely secured  the win over many of the obstacles which stood in my way up to the last minute.

Then I found i was three minutes late…orz
I could not believe that the watch on a 21st century mobile phone could lose time!!

So I asked people around me what the hell this was all about. Gosh, I found out that the auto-adjust function had been turned OFF…
Oh yeah.
Again, I climbed one step up to become a real adult….



What the hell is this post!? He sounds like a boy who is in the middle of the bloom of youth lol

Annoying middle aged man lol

A guy at this age checks the time on his cellphone??

Come on! You should wear glittering golden Rolexes to intimidate people lol

↑Though a mechanical watch is more like a accessory than something for practical purpose, I think as a so called member of society, it’s shameful to use a cellphone to check the time.

Togasaki…. Why didn’t you let Karen join the handshake event instead of Minarun…. ToT

Togasaki Tomonobu 10/7 10:54

Took this photo, lying down on the soft grass of the handshake venue.

It’s a fantastic sunny autumn day that makes me want to prepare a BBQ for members.

Iwata Karen 10/7 16:01

Please cheer up  Iwate and enliven people there more and more m(__)m!! And please let me on in the event in Tohoku next time, please (;_;)


I wonder why he didn’t choose Karen….. If it were Karen, she and Mayuyu are the W Center of Seiyu Senbatsu, plus Tohoku has some special meaning for Karen as well as AKB48…

Iwata Karen 01/01/1990 00:00

Good after noon.


Now the handshake is even taking place in Iwate…

I wanted to go there…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there’re people who are looking forward to meeting me, I’m so sorry (>_<)

I will work hard so that next time, I can join the event in Tohoku….(;_;)

Next time, I promise you I will definitely meet you guys, Tohoku!!!!

So, from now, I will hold a Air Handshake Event (Virtual Handshake Event)!!

☆I will +1 for those who leave comments that appeal on what you love about Tohoku or what is great about Tohoku. +1 is supposed to be a handshake between you and me(^^)

If it’s possible, I’ll be happy if people who’re lining up in the handshake venue in the cold air of Iwate would join this event (^^)/

Let’s start♪

※This photo was sent from Elena a little while ago(T-T)♪



Kojima Haruna 10/7 15:46

I’m in Iwate, now♪♪

I’ve caught a cold today and have a nasal voice~(´・_・`)笑

Iwata Karen 10/7 15:57

Are you okay? I bet it’s very cold there, but please cheer up the people in Tohoku m(__)m Wish you best health.


Iwata Karen 10/7 14:55

I’m so relieved that the handshake event in Iwate is not very cold.
Iwata Karen 16:26

Thanks to everyone, the Air Handshake event was successful! I was able to have warm handshakes with many people☆ I believe this time, it’s because of my lack of ability, so I will work harder and harder so that i won’t miss the next chance (^^)/


Iwata Karen visited the temporary school built in Kamaishi-city, Iwate, with Tsunami victimes

Iwata Karen visited the location of Tsunami Hit area in Natori-city, Miyagi, asking their stories from victims.

Iwata Karen 16:46


Actually yesterday, in Sponichi’s social news section, there was an article about NHK’s TV program “Karen’s Restoration Calendar”!!

Everyone, please watch the show m(__)m



Her soul-stirring voice and her unique but always serious attitude which sometimes gives us a casual laugh… 
I kinda feel Karenl is also a symbolic figure of AKB’s concept “Real”.
In the previous episode of ANN, Takamina raised a name of Karen as a successor of Takamina, after she mentioned Yamamoto Sayaka and Yokoyama Yui.
They’ll be in the same team from Nov 1st, and I hope she will learn a lot from Takamina and truly think Karen is a right person who have a caliber to succeed the soul of Takamina.
She also mentioned Karen, saying Karen will transform greatly after she named Paruru as a next generation member who she thinks will grow the most. (Source)
When Takamina named Karen, Kojiharu for some reason said “I think so, too” Which is very rare for Kojiharu. I think she may have felt something from a brief interaction with Karen in Ariyoshi Kyowakoku.
“They talked about which member they want her to succeed their positions.
First, Mariko said Sayanee is a kind of similar to Takamina,
Then Takamina herself named Yokoyama,
then at last, Karen’s name came up.
“Because Karen loves me so much” “Once, I got a phone call from her very abruptly”
“I received a message from her where she says she wants to be like me.”
“She said she loves AKB48 and that’s why she wants to be like me.”
But there’re sure very subtle nuances in their conversation, so please check it out yourself.
They talk about the succession from 1:03:17, and Takamina started talking from 1:06:25