NMB48 Member Ohta Riona to graduate the group

  October 4, 2012

Study or Iiwake Maybe…
Kids these day lack tenacity….

They must learn from Uchida what being an unpopular member of AKB48 is all about….

↑She sold out one slot at Kobetsu HS event!!

2012 Fired, Wthdraw, Graduated members

Uhmmm This is that girl who can sing well?

Team M will be devastated….
I’m worried about Momoka… The reason why

Jonishi Kei 10/4 18:34

Riona, I love you ´ω`。

Ohta Riona 10/4 18:05

Today’s theater performance, I will try best again with my best smile!!!


Twitter report:
Ota Riona to Graduate.
The reason is because she moved to Osaka alone from her home in Gifu and had tough time to achieve both her study and activity as a member of NMB48.

So yesterday, she was making the last memory in NMB48 with her dearest friend….

Ohta Riona 10/3 16:05

I’m enjoying a lovely date with my dear Kei-chan!

↑ I was told to write like this by Kei-chan (๑¯ω¯๑)

Jonishi Kei 10/3 16:25


Ohta Riona 10/3 16:27

I’m getting sleepy.

Ohta Riona 10/3 16:27

ぴーこ, I really love you so much♪

Why in the world do they give poor treatment to such a cute girl?

Kaneko Tsuyoshi 10/4 21:34

Team M Ohta Riota announced her graduation from NMB48 during today’s theater performance “Idol no Yoake” (アイドルの夜明け) due to her intention to focus on study.

She joined NMB48 as a 1gen member. She was good at singing since the beginning and good at dancing, too.

She became a member of team M, and achieved a good job for “Yoshimoto, Story of 100 years, June Stage ” as an actress, her dream job.

For the time being she will focus on her study, and she will continue to chase her dream to be an actress and singer, and I want to continue supporting her from now on, too.

Fans who’ve suppoerted Rioka until now, please warmly watch her from now on, too together.



Tears are flowing out from my eyes…

Yamamoto Sayaka 10/4 21:44

Rinona’s graduation was announced.

I have no idea where to begin with….


Matsuda Shiori 10/4 19:20

Seriously tough.
Kadowaki Kanako 10/4 19:52

What wrong?

Fukumoto Aina 10/4 20:03

Are you okay?(´;ω;`)

Yamamoto Sayaka 10/4 20:44


Ogasawara Mayu 10/4 21:27

Rionaaaaa, is it real you graduate?


What shall I do…

Ogasawara Mayu 01/01/1990 00:00

Crap….. I’m starting panicking…

Ogasawara Mayu 01/01/1990 00:00

It’s for Riona’s dream….

Alright, I am gradually calmed as reading through comments from you.

Ogasawara Mayu 01/01/1990 00:00

I will move on with feelings of all of you in my heart.

Joenishi Kei 10/4 21:21

Riona…… I hate this……

I will write about her graduation on my blog.

Riona, I love you so much

Kinoshita Momoka 10/4 16:25

I will update after sorting out all the things in my mind.