No Rain No Flower – Members who weren’t selected for Shonichi roster and 3 more!

  October 21, 2012

1. What’s inside Churi’s hat?

2. Who do you want to get injection from?

3. This outstanding “size” of Deguchi Aki Senbatsu!!

4. No Rain No Flower – Members who weren’t selected for Shonichi roster

Ohya Masana

The handshake event was over for today.

Thank you so much.

Churi’s hat…. it’s funny, coz Churi’s hat is too long?


Fashion monster came up here!!

What Is This?

I love the way she put it…. “Too Long”…. lol

Our dear old Churi made a comeback!!

As expected, the original fashion monster is at a whole different level.

I wonder if her coordinates for today is themed on this…

↑LOL Where do you find this kind of stuff….

I want to pull her hat sooooo much~~~~!!!!!!!

By the way, where does she buy such strange cloths?


・Θ・)  My mom buys my private cloths without asking anything to me!

Everyone is cute~~

↑Masana’s serious gaze…. Locked on!!

Masaba’s ghost like gaze…. lol

The girl next to Makiko: 10th grader

Makiko with a grin on her face: 12th grader

I love this surrealistic mood IN the photo!

Miyawaki Sakura 22:44


And today’s petit surprise was this original “Giraffe” T-shirts!!!

I self-claims that I’m a good drawer!! So I drew “Giraffe” that is my representative illustration and brought it to a custom T-Shirts store, and made the one and only my original Giraffe T-Shirts!!!

Actually I planed to put on a beret hat like a painter, but I forgot it (>_<。)

When I was walking dressed in this T-Shirts, SKE48’s Matsui Rena-san, Yagami Kumi-san and Takayanagi Akane-san talked to me saying “Ee~~ WHAT IS THIS SHIRT!!!”

When I said “This is a giraffe!”, they were saying “The maestro like Masana showed up!!”ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ

I’m glad that I could take a lot of photo with them♪

Ah, and Rena-san shared information about delicious melonpan(゜Д゜)

I’m gonna buy it tomorrow(。・ω・。)!

I could talk with Yuko-san a little bit, too~☆



Something came up in the middle of the photo!!!!

Behind of them is da Fashion Monster!!!

Or is this a ghost photo!?!?

Or is this a reflected glare!!??!

Finally Churi-san has started revealing her true potential, but I bet she will undergo transformation or metamorphosis at least two times more!

So what’s going on with Fashion Monster’s sweat shirt?

The color of sleeves are blue and red plus a strange illustration print at the front…

There’re 2 cute girls in front of her but that doesn’t prevent me from focusing on Churi!

Ohya Masana

I wonder what’s inside her hat?

Good night☆ミ


Guru vs Fashion Monster.

Guru won.

※Guru: 大矢真那, Fashion Monster: 高柳明音

What a heartwarming photo!

Good photo….

I hope SKE will always be as laid-back as they are in this photo^^

If Masana will ever become a leader of SKE48, I’m afraid she will refrain from doing cute things like this,

So after all, i think Nishishi is gonna be a good choice for the new leader.

I want Masana always being innocent and cute.

I bet Churi’s criteria to choose her cloths is not whether it suits her or not, but whether it’s funny or not…. lol