Sato Amina and Chikano Rina made apology – And Takamina to juniors “Wanna sleep? Go home!”

  October 22, 2012

1. Sato Amina and Chikano Rina’s apology

2. Takahashi Minami to juniors “Wanna sleep? Go home!”

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I think no one will forgive them until they will offer an apology to fans.

↑You’re completely right.


Was Mayuyu not here?

Whose Under did Marinatteru and Izurina perform for this day?

Probably this was filmed on Sep 26.

So… it was Masuda and Watanabe Miyuki who were absent.

Looks like only Hilary didn’t appear in the footage.

They didn’t want innocent girl Hilary to be involved in this scene?

↑It looks like this was filmed after the show, so she couldn’t join it because of regulation set by Labour Law,

I don’t know how they will paint this in the movie, but probably it’s gonna be like “They are normal girls. Everyone makes mistakes. But what fans are supporting the whole personalities of them  including these kind of mistakes.”

Will they want to paint it as a beautiful story…?

They’re making apology to fans…. through the movie.

There was a similar scene in the previous installment where Ohba made her apology.

Somehow, Harukyan looks like she was listening to their words most intensively…

Myao and Kasai’s indifferent faces lol

After then, Harukyan slapped the two.

If they want to include this scene, I think they will also include the scene where Oshima Yuko made an apology during the nationwide tour concert. Otherwise, it will generate a fuss among fandom….

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