Share your thoughts and impressions after watching UZA’s Full MV

  October 8, 2012

So what do you guys think?

Actually there are is bigger gap between members who appear for a long time on screen and those who don’t.

TOO Dark.

Actually worse quality than I expected.

Screen transition is too quick.

It’s centered on their dancing, and is actually better than expected.

Rino-chan’s closeups are godly.

I LOL’d at Clown Yukirin lol

I know it’s not supposed to be a gag but I didn’t expect that Clown Yukirin to suddenly appear as they sung the chorus line at the last portion of the song.

I think this MV is great.

It’s not something where you become a fan of certain members from watching this MV.

It’s something that changes your image of AKB while watching the entire footage of the MV.

I think the image of the MV is synchronized with the song itself. For example, the latter part where the song is reaching its peak was well linked to the footage in the MV.

I thought a scary Panda came up, but then I found it was YUIHAN!!

Sure, Yuihan had a tremendous impact! But it was Yukirin that made me laugh.

For the first time in a long time, I was able to enjoy an AKB48 MV that films all Senbatsu members equally.

Gingham Check was not good because it put too much focus on the top 3 members.

I think this is better than last year’s equivalent, “Kaze wa Fuiteiru”, and is one of the best MVs among AKB48’s recent singles.

Actually Yukirin clown is too cool.

I think the character setting in this MV is almost perfect. It really matches each member.

Did Joseph select members for each character?

I would say he did a very nice job only because he positioned Jurina and Mayuyu like this.

Yukoyama looks so funny but at the same time, she looks so cool.

Personally I love “Black Out” part.

“Black Out” → Actually Black out → immediately after that, they are splashing sands.

Looks like the female version of EIXLE.

Where is Miichan…..

As Center of the group has changed, the color of the group has completely changed, too.

This is something other idol groups have never achieved before.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but this has the taste of American culture.

It’s similar to that awkward feeling you have when you see Asian characters in American comics.

I hope they will try and get the Record Taisho with UZA.

This is the song where you can only understand its true value when you listen to its full version.

Complete Win for Jurina. The style and makeup of videos like UZA or Beginner really suits her.

I couldn’t understand why he is such a big name when I watched Gingham Check’s MV,

But after watching UZA’s MV, I’m amazed by his outstanding work.

He is very good at making a stunning image!!

Which works perfectly for this song at least.