SKE48 Matsui Rena x Kizaki Yuria, lets take a sneak peek at Girls Wonderland!

  October 2, 2012

-Photo shoot for Rena-san is still going on. So, let's ask all sorts of things while your senior is away!

Yuria: Yes, Actually, Rena-san is poor at Kanji writing. A little while ago, she couldn't write Kanji for Satsuei (撮影/さつえい) and wrote 影映. And what I wrote at that time was 最影. See! Mine is closer to the correct Kanji! Doya! So, I kinda think Rena-san's character is getting closer to me lately…..

-Unexpected revelation that Rena-san is the OBAKA (お馬鹿/おばか) type of character just like Yuria-san!
Ahh Rena-san has come. So I just asked about a secret of you from Yuria-san.

Rena: What? What is that secret about?

Yuria: Hehehe

Rena: (Found a memo written by Yuria.) Whoa!! This one… No!

Well….. basically in a word, Yuria is a very nice girl. She is kind of like my little sister and she always calms me. I sometimes casually talk to her and get healed.

Yuria: Yes, it's always casually and aimlessly lol

Rena: Because Yuria is very affectionate, I try to keep distance from her so that I don't yield to her temptation.
Because if I let Yuria be closer to me,

I will forgive everything she does because she is just to adorable.

-Both of your dreams are to become an actress, and have caught the attention from a large audiences thanks to Majisuka Gakuen. Rena-san's role Gekikara is now a legendary role in the history of idol Drama. May I ask you your impression on Yuria-san's acting?

Rena: Yuria is good at acting. Don't you think so? Though she is often said to be Baka (馬鹿/ばか), she is actually very smart. She is very fast at digesting things.

Yuria: Oh yay! I was told that I'm smart!!! I've been given opportunities to join acting related works since the last year, but I actually want to have a decent lesson and take on an action film!!

Rena: Kinda like Jackie Chan?

Yuria: Uhmmm that's too pro, I guess…. lol

Matsui Rena:
Born on July 27, 1991, Aichi pref.
“I went to the Macbeth Musical. It's difficult to understand the classic Musical, but I'm inspired when I figured out why this play has been loved by many people for such a long time. Now Yuria is on Majisuka Gakuen 3. I hope I can play a role like Gekikara where I can give everything I've got again.”

Kizaki Yuria:
Born on Feb 11, 1996, Aichi pref.

“I'm so glad to join a photo shoot alone with Rena-san. If I would have a sister like Rena-san, I would be a winner for the rest of my life. When I had a tough time during the filming of MV for 'Gomen'ne Summer', Rena-san was the person who cared me and included me. She is a kind of person who always watch members with tender eyes.”



  1. Christine B. says:

    You guys. Yuria is a martial arts film tho *insert fangirl scream here*

  2. cryt says:

    Thanks for the exclusive scoop, interview with SKE’s most prominent and talented actresses.

    Although it’s probably hard for them to maintain their 1-D idol image when they try to break into acting industry, I’m sure their talents will overwhelm their current fanbase and will continue to support them no matter what acting role they take.