Wrap Up – Team B "Theater no Megami" (シアターの女神) Final Performance Oct 22. 2012

  October 22, 2012

1. Team B “Theater no Megami” (シアターの女神) Final Performance Oct 22. 2012 M.1-8

2. Team B “Theater no Megami” (シアターの女神) Final Performance Oct 22. 2012 M.9-EC1

3. Team B “Theater no Megami” (シアターの女神) Final Performance Oct 22. 2012 EC1-3

4. Team B “Theater no Megami” (シアターの女神) Final Performance Oct 22. 2012 After The Performance

5. Team B “Theater no Megami” (シアターの女神) Final Performance Oct 22. 2012 Photo Collection

Suzuki Shihori

Oh yeahhhhhHHHHH!!!!!

A little less than 10 minutes before the show


I will bring out everything I got in the final performance!!!!

Izuta Rina

Shihorin! Ganbatte♪
Oshima Ryoka


Suzuki Shihori DateTime

Izuchan! Ryoka! Thanks!


Looks like Tgsk will start posting photos soon!

Togasaki Tomonobu

Finally the final performance has kicked off!!


Whoa! Today's Tgsk's photo is actually beautiful!!

↑Wait, I don't think the photographer of this photo is Tgsk…. lol

Togasaki Tomonobu

I thought I updated G+ for three times already, but they weren't reflected…..! Signals come on~~!
Togasaki Tomonobu

For the time being, I uploaded photos! Can you sense what members facial expressions tell?


Looking at this photo, I realized, age-wise, current setlist was unknowingly getting unnatural for the girls to performed…

This is our dear Tgsk Camera…. lol

Togasaki Tomonobu

MC is what they've learned from team B.

You can sense their sorrow of parting, and expectation and determination for their respective new teams!


What standing out here is KK's stunnig body shape and vaguely felt erotic appeal….

I wanted to watch her performance of “Ai no Stripper” (愛のストリッパー)

↑It's understandable as the youngest member Komori will graduate high school next spring.

With the new teams, I think there'll be less age gap between each team.

Milky is only partly in the both photos….

Matsubara Natsumi

Don't you think it felt so sentimental to feel the ending is approaching…

Team A's final performance.

And I almost finished reading Jojo's bizarre adventure…


Togasaki Tomonobu

♪Hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa

Togasaki Tomonobu

♪Arashi no Yoruniha

By the way, more than as many as 48,000 people applied for today's performance!

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Togasaki Tomonobu

Everyone looks enjoying it, shining brilliantly.

This is gonna be the last time we see these mic stand for Candy…




Chu…. Chuu is so cute…

Togasaki Tomonobu

♪Rocker Room Boy



Wow! This is Milky!!!


  1. phantom says:

    How much is it to watch LOD shows and are they ever free?

    • Tommy says:

      It’s of course not free. Gans and members as well willingly pay for it to support the group.
      But you can find download link somewhere. I don’t encourage it but not oppose it.

  2. wow watanabe mayu only came for 50 performance….the lottery for being able to see her in akb theater is even harder

  3. moofuq says:

    Team B is unique one. During the performance, they talk, they play, teasing each other, gucha-gucha performance, silly and humble captain, 😀 チームB最高!

  4. Giang Pham says:

    Ah… Even Mayu cried ; ___ ; I’ll miss this Team B a lot ; ___ ; & I’ll miss MaYuki as well ; A ;