Team N Matsuda Shiori to graduate NMB48, the 5th regular member graduated NMB48 this year

  October 18, 2012

Okada Takashi

Matsuda Shiori (team N) graduation announcement.

It was annouced a little before during today's theater performance of NMB48.
I don't know exactly about the reason for this, but it's said that she said that with a current halfhearted attitude, she can't deliver performance of 100% to fans and members, thus wanted to back to a normal girl.


Wait….!! Shiokichi!!!

What's going on inside NMB, anyway!?!?

What a regrettable news….. I though she's been gradually becoming popular and known to more and more people….

Hotel four….

Come on….. I wonder if Milky, Riichan and Akarin will graduate next….

Her comment sounds like she already has a boyfriend….

I think this is the reason they put off the team N's new setlist. Now with Yokoyama in team N, they will announce the new start of N3rd soon.

So this was the reason why Momoka shared a lot of photos of Shiokichi yesterday….. ToT

Matsuda Shiori

Momoka's google plus stream is full of me(。・・。)

I remember I heard camera shutter sounds from somewhere during the photo shoot for FLASH lol

Watanabe Miyuki

Shiori (._.)♥

Matsuda Shiori


↑Momoka knows everything….

Looks like Milky also knows everything…

Watanabe Miyuki

We wrapped up today's theater performance!!

Everyone, thank you so much for coming!


Kaneko Tsuyoshi

During today's theater performance by team N, “Darekanotameni”, Matsuda Shiori announced her graduation to focus on her study.

She joined NMB as a 1gen member, and selected for Senbatsu for NMB48 1st single “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo”. I guess there'd been a lot of tough moments for her after that.



Matsuda Shiori 10/4 19:20

It's too tough and I got tired…
Kadowaki Kanako

What happened?
Fukumoto Aina

Are you okay?(´;ω;`)

Yamamoto Sayaka



Even Sayanee who've been told about her graduation in advance was speaking in a trembling voice.

During the performance of Kitagawa Kenji for encore, Sayanee was hustling and acting as if she was hitting each other with Maachun.

I guess she was enormously saddened and frustrated….

Yamamoto Sayaka


Shiori announced her graduation during today's theater performance.

When I heard this from her in person, I couldn't believe it. It was heartbreaking and I couldn't stop tears.

But because she didn't change her mind after all our persuasion, I think she has such a firm determination on this decision.

I feel so frustrated that I can only give a supportive push on her back.

But we want to support her to do what Shiori wants to do.

So everyone, please warmly watch her with a smile til the end, so as to she won't feel sad anymore.

After I sort out my mind, I will write a blog.

Shiori, I love you.




  1. Dr Gonzo says:

    I guess Yui’s got one spot on team N now.

  2. mm says:

    Is it me or is there a lot of resignation/fired/graduated members from the 48 family this year?

  3. Gipsy Ng says:

    NO!!!! SHIOKICHI!!! :((
    feeling discouraged right now…..:(

  4. goto says:

    So many NMB members graduating in such a short time. Really feels like something is going on :/

  5. Tubatime1010 says:

    Seems like something really is going on. That or they’re just not satisfied with NMB in it’s current state so they’re firing girls who don’t fit the bill.

  6. Abc says:

    Wahhh~ I regconize she’s one of the front~
    Hope she well~

  7. irontech says:

    Something is really bad happening to NMB. Members just don’t leave like that, one by one.

  8. asudja says:

    this is ridiculous..

    if unpopular members quit due to frustration, I could understand..
    shiokichi? riona? jo?? this isn’t right at all..

    don’t tell me, my NMB oshi will be next.. no rikanyan!! please noooooooo!!! arghhhh! (collapse.. lol kidding)