The best solo song for AKB48 Takahashi Minami? “Oteage Lullaby” (Hopeless Lullaby)

  October 24, 2012

1. AKB Takahashi Minami’s solo number “Oteage Lullaby” Officail Liner notes

2. Reaction and buzz on fan thread on Takahashi Minami’s solo number “Oteage Lullaby”

3. Photo collection

This is sooo nice!!

When she starts dancing, this a little weird makeup doesn’t look weird at all!!”Oteage Lullaby is my heavy rotation!!!

It suits Takamina and I love the tune!”When I heard the title of the song, it’s hard to expect a good song but the tune is really nice!!!

Oi!Lullaby is such a godly song!!

This completely fits my taste!!I was looking for this kind of up-beat and cool song!!!

Oh wait, I gotta carefully interpret the lyrics!!But tune-wise, this is by far the best solo song of Takamina!!

This is nice!! Though “Still” was also cool-type of song, but it doesn’t quite showcase the unique charm of Takamina.

I really like this catchy tune! And the song does suit Takamina’s voice!

They air TV commercial of this song a lot!

I really love to see Takamina on TV screen for 7 days from now!!

And I’m relieved by the fact this cool song and image of Takamina will be aired nationwide!!

I’ve listening to Lullaby whole day long today!!

I never get tired of this song! This is so addictive!!

As it’s liner notes says, I really love this mainstream J-pop style song!!

This is the first time I ‘m completely hooked on after  “Answer”!!

I talked to her at today’s handshake event~.

Me: Do you have a song that you want me to vote for for Request Hour?

Ta: Not particularly. Vote for your favorite song.

Me: Is there any progress in your solo debut project?

Ta: Not yet. But, I’ll give it my best^^

↑That does sound like Takamina.

I don’t mind it takes a little more to see her solo debut, but I want them to prepare the environment where she can concentrate on singing, and let her start voice training early.

↑x2 Thank you.

Of course, she doesn’t need to hurry for her solo debut.

I want to make her solo debut when she is in her best condition.

It was so fun as I could see Minami-chan snapping at her fans “Shut Up! ^^” as fans are jokingly heckling at her as usual.

I waived my hand so hard as Minami-chan was sending off us, bowing deeply, shouting “Thank you so much as always!!!!!!!!!!!”

She was so cute, as she cheated her height with high heel of 10 cm

What was this Takamina’s coordinates meant to be?

Did anyone ask her at Handshake event????

Researcher? Doctor? Sheep hat?

↑Look at her foot in thr 2nd photo…. Kawaii….

Takamina on a box~~

I have a feeling that her solo single won’t be as good as Oteage Lullaby…


Accel → Lullaby → xx

They set the bar fairy high…..

Listening to the lyrics of the song, I think Lullaby may be the 2nd part of trilogy.

Anyway, it’s a challenge for not only Takamina but also for Yasusu but they’re willing to challenge to this fight! Awesome!!

By the way, to those who wanted to ask this question, Miichan answered it before even the event starts lol

Minegishi Minami


I’m looking forward to meeting you at today’s HS event!

Let me answer to the question that I was asked the most frequently.

We also have no idea when the new single of No Sleeves will be released!!!



↑LOL That’s smart of Miichan as we definitely want to talk about No Sleeves for today because Cafe & Snack Eden will be aired tonight for the first time.

I wanted Makihara-san to compose a song for her solo song….

Because Takamina’s singing has recently become a bit too unique rather than having a subtle unique nuance…

Don’t worry! Maestro Yoshimasa (井上ヨシマサ) will make a great song that brings out all charms and talent  of Takamina to the fullest!!!!


I wonder who Takamina sent a mail~~~

♪Kodoku na Hoshizora – Team A (28th single)

So cute!!!! It’s first time in a long time to see Takamina dressed in Flying Get’s costume~~~~

Btw Nyan-san in the 3rd photo looks like she sent a text to Takamina!

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