Impressions on SKE48’s appearance in 笑っていいとも plus Furukawa Airi’s JOJO talk on MAG ネット

  October 8, 2012

Furukawa Pro has appeared on the screen!!

Idol who has cute plump upper arms!

Rena reacted to Airin’s appearance on NHK!!!

matsui rena

Airin on NHK!
Ohhhhh I can’t go to bed!!


Unfortunately? she is an awesome pervert.

Oh come on….. she introduced Chibi Airin!!

Who did she mean by a member who she couldn’t get along with at first but as time went on, friendship has created between her and Airin?


↑LOL Churi and Airin have been the best friends since the very beginning!

Airin looks like she is in her element on this TV show.

I actually wanted to learn about more details of Jojo, rather than this weird posing lesson…

↑It’s cruel to ask something NOT weird from her….

And even if she talks about what she loves about Jojo, I’m sure I can’t understand it.

LOL she started revealing the Otaku side of her lol

That’s what expected of Pervert Airin!!!

Actually I have no idea what she is talking about lol

Don’t talk passionately about your fetishism lol

The safest and most trustworthy purvert, Furukawa Airin.

As expected, her Oshi was Kira Yoshikage.

Actually Anime Otaku are very a inhumane kind of people.

They’re slamming Airin on Twitter, saying, “She is newbie” “She is sucking up to Anime fans” “She is crazy AKB”

It makes my heart ache…..

↑Their stance is bashing whatever about AKB.

So it doesn’t earn you anything to mind their crazy remarks.

And Anime Otaku are very narrow minded when it comes to their favorite Anime and can’t accept different opinions.

So they thoroughly slam those who have different opinions from them.

But if they actually care about her, and if search her name on Yahoo by typing AKB, they will out that she is not from AKB48!!! LOL

And that makes them all the more interested in her.

When she named Kira Yoshikage as her Oshimen, Anti comments on twitter rapidly decreed, I think.

↑I saw several tweets saying she is cute or she is good at drawing.

Right after the broadcasting of TV show, she posted about totally irrelevant thing lol

Furukawa Airi


I want to go to Paris(・ω・)♪



Haha she is just feeling a bit nervous about people’s reaction.

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