Togasaki shared his thoughts on "Degrading" Theater Performance of AKB48

  October 16, 2012

Competitive principle lol Obviously even though she has poor performance skill, if she is a favorite of management, she will join important or commemorative performances, and it's unpopular members who'll be kicked out….

Honestly speaking, it's not the we're feeling dull, but we've got bored of watching the performance of same setlists again and again…


↑x2 LOL We already reached a conclusion.

I feel sorry for members that they're criticized just because Ota are getting bored of theater performances when girls are actually doing their best….

↑ You can watch SKE's theater performance on DMM, too, and team S's current setlist is the one that has lasted the longest, but still SKE Ota don't find it boring at all. If the performance is captivating, you'll never get bored of it no matter how many years they continue performing the same setlist.

The fact they are fiercely promoting Shimazaki and ANRIRE, who have been the faces of team 4, the group whose performance is the dullest of all teams of 48 groups, makes Togasaki's statement not persuasive at all.

↑ LOL'd. Actually I don't think Togasaki can argue back against you.

↑x2 Or actually I guess there would be a mismatch between Togasaki and Akimoto regarding who they want to promote.

Though probably Akimoto considers that's a sort of necessary evil, I wonder this may be a severe problem….

↑x3 You nailed it lol Komariko has an enough right to get angry at Togasaki.

↑x4 Well, it's not Togasaki but Ohta prodction who made a desicion to push ANRIRE…

And probably Togasaki has no right to refuse their request like saying “Avoid the 3 girls! Coz they are dull in theater performances.”

Looking at the way they wrote this article, I'm not sure how much Togasaki's remark was edited so that it can fit the way writer wants the article to look like.

LOL The writer still think Kashiwagi is called the queen of Handshake event? This sounds so 2011….

The thing is Ultra Senbatsu members are too fatigued due to overwork!

Even though I'm lucky enough to win a ticket and can see a performance of them in person, It's hurting to see their tired faces….

Without trying to understand why SKE and NMB are thriving,

They are trying to make these groups not become bigger anymore.

His assertion does't make sense. I would rather say, being overtaken by SKE in terms of popularity, record sales may stir up AKB48 girls far more than lame attempts by management.

My interpretation goes like this: because he can't directly criticize Yasusu, he is implicitly urging Yasusu to make new setlists fast with indirect expressions.

↑It's more like he is trying to comfort fans by expressing fans sentiment on behalf of us.

I don't mind if they fire members who're dull during theater performances.

↑But they can't fire Kojima-san or Mariko-sama by any means.

↑x2 Why do unpopular or unfavorably treated members of AKB48 look so vigor-less or lifeless, anyway?

SKE members look so lively even though many of them are far less popular than AKB48 members.

The problem with theater performance.

・Too many set terms used by almost all members

・They look very childish when they greet together.

・Tedious self-introduction


Don't mix Dome concerts with theater performances.

Big surprise, Shuffle, Unveiling of new songs, Reformation, Full members, Gorgeous stage set, etc,

It's nonsense to compare theater performance with Dome concerts when the former has none of these things.

It's management that is being dull. Make the new setlists as soon as possible.

↑He is not a bad guy, but because he sometimes gets too passionate when he talks which tends to cause misunderstandings. Togachan…

Of course this is partly management's fault but also members' fault.

Audiences pay money to watch the show. Why don't they give it everything they have?

We should let them know that their performance can't stack up to SKE and NMB since a while back.

If you show theater performance of both AKB and SKE to people who know nothing about 48 groups, most of people would answer SKE is better.

Even Takamina said she wants SKE or NMB members to learn or steal something from AKB48, while the reality is the opposite… I kinda feel they have a completely different as to regarding quality of theater performance.

↑I can understand your opinion is right, but for most of members, it's probably difficult to give it everything they have in the current mood of AKB48 theater…

↑x2 Though it may sound surprising, Takamina joins theater performance relatively more than the other top members.

And her remarks have been getting similar to those from management lately… It's the end of the world….

↑Because the absolute requirement to hold A6th is either BBA or Takamina can join the performance.

And this year, only once there was a day both of them couldn't join the theater performance.

As everybody knows, it was Tano Yuka who performed Itoshisa no Axel that day, and her name became a trending keyword on twitter.

And Takamina's criteria is similar to that of Natsu Mayumi. It's different from management's criteria including Togasaki.

Do you know what Takamina said to Komariko on her performance?

She said Komariko's performance too stands out among members thus she gotta care more about adjusting herself to others.

While in SKE, it's almost customary for them to try to stand out from the rest so as to that they can appeal their unique skill and personality. You can clearly see it from Da~Su~ .



  1. El Bicho Loco says:

    To me AKB’s second chapter is a meaningless label coined to try to picture that AKB is going somewhere else while getting bigger. There is nowhere else for AKB to go to. Only option is getting international fame and that won’t happen. The only way AKB could go international is by either alienating their fans in Japan and to become something different or by doing a Gangnam Style and getting one of their songs famous, but that won’t happen, and that may very well be a one-hit-wonder.

    The only second chapter I see in AKB is the group without Maeda, the recognizable face that any non-fan could associate AKB to. But after UZA you will see AKB doing the same songs they’ve always done before and doing the same things they’ve always been doing.

    There is only two paths left for AKB, either to sustain their success or to start decreasing popularity.

  2. Mario Medves says:

    Paruru push never stop.
    I see too many A6/K6 stage and i can only see this stage with KKS because i’m sick of original members =_= (and also usually someone is always missing Yuko, Tomochin…Acchan was impossible to see..). A new setlist can work, or pick one decent stage from the past.

    • New setlist, PLUS rotation basis, each team has to exchange setlist between each group, incorporate some of the older setlist if it’s possible, decrease over appearance of media senbatsu members, let mid level and young member do the TV work more, and PLEASE let takamina decide the matters regarding the members, ok?

  3. El Bicho Loco says:

    The group shuffling in order to strengthen the Theater performance is a joke. What the fans want is to see their oshimen. If their reasoning for dealing with not having Senbatsu in theaters is to put different strong members performing in theaters in exchange for fans oshimentachi, then they fail (as I just did with the previous word). If you want pizza you won’t satisfy your need by eating burrito, especially when you are a pizza wota.

  4. Mark Weber says:

    Let one of the other 48 groups overtake AKB in popularity and soon akb members will start to have more passion in what they do.
    When you are in the lead, it is harder to keep on fighting, but if you aren’t n1 it is much easier to motivate yourself.

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      I think the older members have passion
      It’s the younger ones who don’t know the suffering seniors had

    • julieduong says:

      Yeap I agree. Why don’t they make competition between the groups instead of trying to stop the sister groups from getting bigger ? I see the passion of SKE girls in whatever they do , trying to overcome AKB ,which I dont see in AKB girls anymore . Why trying to steal Jurina instead of letting her lead SKE to the top like what Maeda and Kami 8 do ? I think they are thinking abou trying to stop AKB from degrading rather than making sister groups overcome them . So why creating those groups in the first place anyway ?

      • El Bicho Loco says:

        Stopping them? They aren’t stopping SKE, NMB or HKT from becoming huge, those groups simply haven’t gone popular. Every time Akimoto puts a girl from the sister groups in AKB he is trying to promote their groups. He is thinking: “You like this girl in this AKB single? Well, she is from this other group so go to their singles to see her.”

        You see it as stealing Jurina? I see it as shoving SKE to the media. Stealing Jurina would have been to, instead of giving her concurrent position, put her in AKB solely. Each time people see Jurina as center in an AKB single they will see her as center in a SKE single as well. People will relate SKE to AKB. They are trying to push SKE through AKB.

        You guys are talking about letting AKB be overtaken by other groups and I think you guys are a little, just a little mad. I bet Akimoto wouldn’t mind if a sister group becomes more popular than AKB but he is not insane as to half-ass AKB with the hope a sister group goes forward. You guys are taking AKB’s popularity for granted and are taking for granted that Akimoto can get the public to like the groups he wants them to like, just like that, as if he had a magic wand to make whatever he wants to happen. Akimoto knows he needs to keep the recognized brand alive (AKB) and through it promote the rest. You aren’t going to decapitate your winning horse when there is zero guarantee your new stallion will be admitted to the race.

        You guys are being very critical of the girls in AKB. I think those girls are doing the best they can with their abilities and their present circumstances. I mean, how can you blame them from not appearing in shows when they have so such busy schedules? How can you blame them for not dancing that well when they barely have any time to practice choreos? How can you blame them from looking tired when they are exploited to death? If anyone is to blame that would be management.

        The only solution to the lack of appearance of girls in the theater is to give those performances equal importance in those girls’ schedules, them same importance the filming of a TVShow, commercial, radio appearance or whatever has.

        • Jessica says:

          Exactly! Besides AKB is the mothership of the entire PJ48! They’re the brand name to the public eyes. If they collapse, who’s to say for sure that the spin-off will survive? Let’s admit it for a minute that without the name of AKB attached on the sister groups, would the public even pay attention to them in the first place, lest selling hundreds of thousands of copies? I see people saying SKE, NMB, HKT are getting more popular than AKB but in reality, at the moment, AKB is still the national idol group and is what the people living in Japan know about and recognize the most among all the PJ48 groups. Give them any names of the sister groups member aside from Jurina, Rena, Sayanee, Milky and see if anyone knows about them.

          • El Bicho Loco says:

            I think the people who say the sister groups are getting more popular may be referring to N, S and H girls climbing sembatsu over other AKB girls. Wota support =/= popularity, at least it isn’t equal to popularity in Japan.

            I think girls from sister Gs getting popular is the natural way of how a lot of fans progress through their fanhood, they get tired of what they see and listen everyday and look for something fresher and Akimoto provides by coming up with these “new groups” (another benefit from the creation of the sister groups aside from the main intention of just having another group able to release another single several times yearly). Instead of people going over to new idol groups they simply switch to a new sister group, possibly. But to me, I see AKB and their sister group as a single group cuz I know Akimoto is just trying to fool us into believing otherwise and I am not going to be played for a foo’.

            Now, when non-hardcore AKB listeners get tired of AKB they won’t look for another sister group, they just will stop giving a flying fudge and listen to whatever the radio spoon-feeds them. Akimoto is not in any place as to allow AKB to weaken.

  5. blackqueen says:

    man, now they want to make yukirin become paruru’s supporter.

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      I’ve seen pics of Yukirin interacting with Paruru from 1, 2 yrs ago so they already know each other. Yukirin have a motherly personality the way she treat mayuyu so she might like helping out paruru. Why so negative about this? If we’re going to have her as a front girl, it’s good if she improve and stop being so boring right?

  6. moofuq says:

    They can’t compare AKB to SKE or NMB performance.. Top members of AKB have tons of jobs outside AKB yet wotas still expect them to stand out in theater while their energy left is maybe around 40% to perform. SKE and NMB members, except their aces focus on their theater performance which is their advantage to shine in theater. And let’s talk about age here. Most AKB members are around 20s. So their stamina is definitely behind SKE or NMB members.
    The problems are the younger members of AKB are not as energetic as SKE or NMB members. Their theater performances are like meh..Management should train them harder.