TV Recap – Kitahara Rie テラスハウス 1st Episode

  October 12, 2012

※The video is on the final page

Anut Stella’s cookie lol

As expected of Yuria.

LOL’d I LOL’d so hard

She is too cute.

Kitahara Rie

From 23:00,

Terrace House on Fuji TV will start airing☆★☆

Please check it out(^o^)/

Kitahara Rie

I will! Definitely!

Kashiwagi Yuki

I had so much fun with Theater performance today!

My forehead was revealed with today’s hairstyle, which is very rare.

I’m going to watch Terrace House that Rie-chan will appear( ̄▽ ̄)♪



6 men and women who have lead the different lives to live in the one share house.

WHat a gorgeous house….

Nope…. I can’t watch this normally….

Somehow just watching this makes me so embarrassed.

I didn’t imagine we would count this female Ota to watch over Kitahara’s safety….

By the way, this is sponsored by Toyota….

What the heck is this image? It’s kinda like a commercial for cosmetic products!!

Too stylish…. I hate this…

While you guys are complaining, you’re getting addicted to this Tv show….

They wastefully filmed this very stylish but I guess as the show will progress, this style may be an obstacle to depict the real of their lives….

As a kind of Villain, this model girl is necessary.

Kojima Haruna

Terrace House….. It looks wonderful, It’s kind of like overseas Drama~(бвб)♪