Oh man, it’s too soon.

Will Kojima-san be alright?

Possible formation


When will the members with little promotional support will perform in the show…

↑I have a feeling that most of new team B’s theater performance will be with this member lineup…

I don’t think Shimazaki has a much of potential.
It’s hard to imagine that she will perform as Center of the new team with her current level of performance skill.

Even though she doesn’t have a much potential, once they determined which members they will promote, they never stop pushing them.
Especially when the girl already has been practically considered as next generation’s Ace by many people。

I watched the video footage of the handshake event,

And I was stunned when I found out that Kitahara could perform better than Paruru…

But yesterday, Shimazaki said it’s just the beginning of her fight.

According to Yasusu, AKB is something that you appreciate “The Story of the growth of Ponkotsu”….?

I think the safest choice is Milky and Shimazaki as W center with Kashiwagi and Kojiharu on their side.

The problem about Paruru is not only about her performance skill but

She often makes mistake in choreography.

I’m very suspicious that she can learn all coreo in as little as one month.

I’m wondering if Kashiwagi and Umechan are close to each other…

I just hope the part where Masuda Yuka used to hype fans with “Ta・Ko・Ya・Ki” will change to “Mi・Ne・Gi・Shi” by Minegishi.

↑Rather, I want it to be “Ga・Cha・Pi・N”!!

Considering their  performance skill and the amount of work they have outside AKB48, I think these 18 members will be main cast of team B’s theater performances.

Umeda, Ohba, Ichikawa, Kato, Namamura, Iwasa, Komori, Ishida (Anna)

Katayama, Yamauchi, Fujie, Natori, Tanabe, Takeuchi, Minegishi, Kojima Natsuki, Nonaka

It’s almost certain that Center will be Paruru.

And I think Yukirin and Kojiharu will rarely join theater performances except Shonichi.

I think, just for Shonichi, they will let all 22 members to join the show. Like some members who don’t join the song performances by all 16 members will appear in unit songs.

I wonder if Paruru will be educated by Umechan….

↑It’s unlikely.

Paruru never learns from others.

She is the kind of person who is influenced by someone who shows that she can solve her own problems.

And no one has ever advised her.

She has her own answer  in herself so she is never be shaken by other.

I think it’s nice if they perform Candy with Kashiwagi, Kojiharu and Miichan, though Takamina may be jealous lol

I’m sure the front row will be like this.


Miichan may be replaced by Kato Rena time to time.

In the current setlist for Theater no Megami, while Mayuyu is considered Ace of the team, Yukirin has better position in the theater performances.

She is Center of the title song of the setlist, and has a solo number, plus she stands out in Team B Oshi.

The first step for Paruru is to fully fill the void of team B after Mayuyu.

By the way, will they keep Yookaze no Shiwaza in the waiting stage for team B?

I think if Waiting Setlist is directed by members themselves, Minegishi, Umeda, Kashiwagi, Kojima will play a central role in it, and of course, they can’t ignore Shimazaki, so naturally unit songs will be performed mainly by them.

↑ Here is my guess.

TemoDemo no Manida – Kashiwagi, Katayama

Heart Gata Virus – Kojiharu, Nattsun, Komori

Gyakuten Ohji-sama – Minegishi, Fujie, Harukyan

End Roll – Umeda, Annya, Suzuran, Iwasa

Idol nante Yobanaide – Shimazaki, Milky, Kato Rena, Ichikawa

Jun’Ai no Crescend – Kojiharu, Minegishi, Iwasa

Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa – Umeda, Fujie, Takeuchi

↑It’s more like a concert rather than theater performance lol

Anyways, Paruru already performed Theater no Megami many times, and she performed these 3 unit songs, as well as Kataomoi no Taikakusen


Pajama Drive

TemoDemo no Namida

I think if you stick to the old songs, it makes making some changes very difficult.

Yuko can only perform Yuko’s song, and so can Kashiwagi.

Because the concept for Reformation and launching the waiting setlist is to make a drastic change and bring new air to the current fixed state of AKB48, I think they should challenge to whole new things.

Yukirin can perform Candy, not TemoDemo or Yokaze,

Kojiharu and Milky can perform TemoDemo together,

And that will make it more exhilarating for us, won’t it?

I hope they will go beyond the border of each team and show us a whole new world, something more exhilarating than shuffling during major concerts.