Wrap Up – Team K “RESET” Final Theater Performance – Oct 25 2012

  October 24, 2012

1. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 1/5

2. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 2/5

3. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 3/5

4. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 4/5

5. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 5/5

6. Photo Gallery

Oh yeah!! Today, team K6th RESET will hold it’s final theater performance!!!

Matsui Sakiko

Finally today!
I’m gonna go to the theater(^^)!
I want to see Sougen (field of grass) in Akihabara!!
Matsui Sakiko

I woder if the theater is filled with green glow sticks?
That the scene I want to se!!

Matsui Sakiko

By the way, in the last theater performance, which was Yuko-chan’s Seitansai, the audience seats were filled with Yuko-chan’s favorite color, orange! From T-shirts to glow sticks, everything was in orange! I was so moved as it was the first time I saw such a beautiful scene….

Miyazawa Sae

Now, I’m puttiong makeup~(^-^)/
Oshima Ryoka


Miyazawa Sae

The backroom is in such a cheerful mood!!

Which is of course!! Coz this is the final performance!!

I updated this from a toilet.

Yokoyama Yui

We’re going to start the final performance of RESET by team K!!

I love (team K)!!!

Yagura Fuuko

Wish you the best!!(>_<)

Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)

The final theater performance of “RESET” started just now.
Right now, Zenza Girls are singing “Lemon no Toshigoro”
Hope everyone can enjoy today’s show and my updates.


Who are these cute girls? 13gen?

From the left, Okada Ayaka, Murayama Yuiri, Aigasa Moe, Takashima Yurina? Perhaps?

Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)

Our relieabe team, team K!!
The theater is so lively as expected of team K!!!!


Tanamin’s twintail!!!! LOL

Please someone suggests Togasaki to buy Nikon’s droid camera!

It enables him to take a better photo and quick upload to Google Plus!!

Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)

♪Sentaku monotachi

Looking back, RESET was the first setlist performed after the 1st reformation…..


I have an awful feeling Togasaki will withdraw from AKB48. He had something tough, probably Nacchan’s case? as he was crying so hard in the trailer of the documentary movie….
No…. No… Togasaki…..

↑That’s exactly my thought….
Recently his comments sound a bit negative…

Many of questions are left to be unanswered at “Shihainin Beya” (Manager’s room: the place set at handshake event for fans to talk and take photos with Togasaki. Fans also can post questions in document form into a box), and negative comments, he may be mentally reaching a limit.

I wound say Yasusu should stand in front to deal with fans and media, but it’s waste of time to expect such a brave conduct from Yasusu.

Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)

♪Kanojo ni Naremasuka?

The choreography of this song makes my heart…..


↑Wait… Togasaki improved his photography skill! You can recognize members faces!

Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)


Because members move so quick, it’s so hard to take a non-blurry photo!!
You know, Especially Akimoto….


I cracked up at 5th photo LOL

Oh no no, it’s not because their movement, tgsk, have you ever taken a decent photo? LOL

↑Performance one in 500 times….

5th photo…. Such a dynamic photo of Gorilla lOl

Yuihan in the last photo… lol

What is her pose? LOL It’s more like runner than gorilla.

Probably they’re already in self-introduction MC?

In the last theater performance, Yuko’s Seitansai, he’s already started crying at this time….

Togasaki, update your iphoto to 5…. lol

Even from these blurry photos, you can sense how cute Miyupon is!!! (※Matsui Jurina’s Under → Ohmori Miyu)

Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)

MC Self-Introduction

Yuko talked she wants to enjoy the little time left for the current team K to the fullest.
Yokoyama is already crying.
Fans in the theater are laughing warmly at girls.


Yokoyama…. When she cries, everyone try to make her laugh, forcibly…. LOL

Oi! They’re not moving that much LOL

As expected of Ohta Production member, Yuihan is talented in getting laugh from people.

Not that she is intentionally trying but her natural behavior make people laugh.


Come on! They are giving everything to this performance! Don’t laugh at them!

No No! They’re fainted!! ><