Yagami Kumi photo Matsuri starts again!!!!

  October 24, 2012

Phew…. these are also the Gifs that you guys are familiar with. Made by a member of Kuumin fan thread

My perfonal favorite of episodes of Kuumin in a pair with one other member from “1+1 ha 2 janaiyo”

I think those who’d been hooked on Yuki-chan (from Judy and Mary), Kuumin is such an undeniable girl.

↑I can totally get you.

Ookami to Pride (AX 2011)

Wimbledon ni Tsuretette (with Kizaki Yukia and Suda Aakari)

Mushi no Ballad


Kuumin: Hehehe DOYA!

I bet all of you guys will feel content with this photo lol

Yagami: Yaaaa!!



And this song “On’na no ko no Dairokkan”, one of unit songs from S3rd

Need more photos guys! Let’s promote Kuumin by the collective efforts of fans!!!!

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