Yokoyama Yui joined TKF with NMB members in Hyogo, and one more about Milky and Yoshirin

  October 20, 2012
Watanabe Miyuki

I took a photo with Kobayashi Yoshinori-san during Janken Tournament(*´∀`)

He came to the NMB48 theater to watch our performance too♘★

He’s been supporting us this whole time(^^♪

I’m truly grateful to him♥♥

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LOL  Yoshirin’s happy face….

I actually saw him for the first time lol

I didn’t expect for him to look so normal…. LOL

I was picturing an old man with bald head…

I think Yoshirin went to HKT48 theater, too?

↑I saw him at HKT48’s “Te wo Tsunaginagara” Stage in Hakata in September.

He looked like he was having so much fun.

And he graciously shook hands with me when I asked him.


※TKF stands for Tamura Kenji Festival. Today, Tamuken held a festival celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut as a comedian.

Joenishi Kei

We wrapped up the Stage Performance`∀´♪

We performed 6 songs from our singles!


This is the first 2 shot photo I took with Yuisan♪

Yuisan is tender, cute…. I love her♪


Wooooow it looks like TKF is such a fun festival!!

Where is Watanabe….? Or will another team perform in this show after this?

Lyrics of “Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide” (Don’t take off my sailor clothes)

I want to experience Sex before my friends, but I can’t go further than kissing….

I’m too timid….

I want to have a sex like the one in the magazine’s article with him,

But I don’t dare to give my everything to him, so….. I won’t give…..

↑I think “Virginity” is an answer song to this one lol

It drives me insane to imagine Mirurun singing this lyric in sailor school uniform…..

live performance of “Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide”

It was so exciting.

The costume was that brown vest and skirt.

Sayanee, Rikanyan and Nana’s singing was actually awesome.

Somehow, this kind of Showa-era style of song really fits Nanatan.

Hey man… I wanted to watch their performance, too…..

So NMB’s performance was all over?

After all, only members who are good at singing joined the show?

Shiroma Miru

We will perform one more stage in TKF!!

Please MiruMiru (Watch it!)◎Å◎


So they were talking about Karaoke Senbatsu (for TKF)

When it comes to live singing, Shoulder is invincible

(※Shoulder: Rikanyan)

You mean Bayaran?

Again…. Sayanee is pushing boundaries…. lol

I thought, “why you upload the same photos”. But looking at themcarefully, I see that there are differences lol

Mirurun has become really mature….^^

It’s kind like “Spot the Difference” game.

Yokoyama Yui


I had so much fun( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Tamuken-san! Congratulation on 20th anniversary!

Now Fuuchan is by my side~~~~!!☆


Yagura Fuuko


I was next to Yuisan in the bus a little while ago.

But unknowingly, I fell sleep and couldn’t talk to her that much~(;o;)

Yokoyama Yui

Fuuchan was sleeping(^ω^)Zzz..

Yagura Fuuko

I felt so relaxed when I’m by Yuihan’s side(*´∪`*)

I feel secured somehow♥

Yuihan joined TKF instead of Yuko’s Seitansai!!

It must be a tough choice but it explains why Yuihan is trusted by many people.

I can learn a lot about human communication from her.

You can read her serious reply in this article LOL