AKB48 Iwata Karen confessed she got nose surgery due to severe sequelae from past fracture

  January 30, 2013
Iwata Karen 1/28 22:18

I was really glad yesterday.

That team 4 call is still echoes in my head.

Thank you very much for making us wear that penguin costume  once again (>_<)

And because there are fans that are worried,

I would like to tell you this.

Actually, when I was little, I got serious injuries like compound fracture of my nose from heavy blow on my face in a fall accident.

As I grew up, the sequela of this injury got severer. I had been afflicted by it since the last summer. It caused intense migraine and I took a intravenous drip at backstage during the national tour or such before performance.

A close examination determined that the cause of sequela was my nose.

Because I thought I can’t cause troubles to staffs and members anymore, I decided to treat it by a otological/plastic surgery after consulting a doctor in charge, staffs and my manager.

Since it was not the surgery to improve physical appearance, I guess some people got shocked by the appearance of my nose after the surgery. But with the encouragement by members, who have been with me when I suffered the symptom and tried treating it little by little since last year, I was able to finish 5 days long concert series that ended yesterday without any troubles.

Thanks to the surgery, now I seldom suffer from migraine, and can sleep soundly at night. It’s getting better little by little.

Seriously there’re many people who suffer from accidents and sequela brought by them just like me.

So there’s another reason why I would like to do my best: Cheer these people up.

I still want to sing more, dance more!

And for that, staying fit is the utmost importance!

As you may know, I’m far-from-perfect, but would really appreciate your favor m(__)m

Probably, I am the member who experienced fracture the most in AKB48!! Fracture 5 times!!

I think that I am the member who has the greatest tolerance for pain!

I am so sorry to always cause anxiety for you all….



Before she posted this, some people have rumored that Iwata Karen may have had cosmetic surgery because in recent photos, it was apparent that her nose has changed it’s appearance. And there were some of her fans imprudently mentioned this rumor on her G+ stream’s comments form.

Fans Reaction:

“She is so bright despite tough past, carrying such a huge burden of destiny. How strong she is.

Despite I’m far lot older than her, I gotta learn a lot about life, too. Humans are lifelong learners.”