[ Bunshun ] Minegishi Minami had sleepover with a member of EXILE’s brother group

  January 30, 2013

The catchphrase of Minegishi Minami also known as Miichan is “I’m rebellious throughout the year”, she is 1st generation member of AKB48. She is like a little sister that needs much care and is loved by many members of AKB48. Seemingly, you can’t she is the least likely member who have love relationship.

But a journalist who claims himself an acquaintance of Miichan told us,

“Adults are all deceived by Miichan LOL.

The reason why Miiichan is loved so much by members is because Miichan have a large circle of acquaintances. On Miichan’s cellphone, phone numbers of a number of guys, handsome actors, male idols, professional sports players, are registered.

AKB members hold dating parties so often though thanks to Miichan’s  broad connections.”

One day, we witnessed  Miichan went to a Karaoke Bar where she and AKB members Itano Tomomi and former SDN member Sena held a secret party with famous soccer players, other AKB members and members of Morning Musume. She came up at the store on 11:00 pm and the party lasted til 6:00 am.

Agencies of Itano and Sena told us that it wasn’t a dating party because their managers accompanied them at the party.

In the midnight of January 17, we finally caught her staying a night at a guy’s house -probably a man who she is deeply in love -.

The guy’s name is 白濱亜嵐. He is the member of Exlie’s little brother group called “GENERATIONS” which made their debut last year.

Two years ago, they worked together in the readers play titled “Moshimo Kimiga” at Shibuya Parco theater. 亜嵐 went to a school that is famous for being attended by many Japanese celebrities. AKB48 members Chikano Rina and Miyazaki Miho are among his classmates.

At 0:09 am on that night, Minegishi showed up at his apartment and entered his room. It was past 3:00 am when the lights of his rooms were turned off.

4 hours later, 亜嵐 came out from his room. Dressed in dark color, wearing a mask, he walked off to a station, looking back again and again. he took a subway train and headed for TBS at Akasaka.

Minegishi showed up 30 minuted after then. She called a taxi and after having kept a driver for 10 minutes, she showed up. wearing a mask, too. It was around 8:00 am when she arrived at her room.

“Recently, Kobayashi Kana’s dating at convenience store with a former johnny’s member was  discovered and caused a headache to us. Though she wasn’t ejected as it was her first yellow card “, said one staff, in a depressing tone,

When we interviewed AKS, the management company of AKB48, regarding this incident, AKS, they simply answered “We haven’t yet grasped the situation.”

Both of their agencies didn’t provide any comments on Miichan’s sleepover with the guy, but they described the two’s relationship that “We heard they have been friends each other since they worked together at the readers theater.”

You can see this is Miichan as the girl in this photo wears Okalemon T shirt.

source (this is an abridged translation)

During today’s performance – the day this news has become public -, Miichan said “I live everyday like it were the last day of my life.”