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  February 22, 2013

AKB48 Uchida Mayumi, also known as Iwa (Stone), the winner of AKB48 1st Janken Tournament attacked editors room of tabloid paper Tokyo Sports on 19th.

Turning into Iwa (Stone), Uchida sit on the desk of editorial room like Boss, pointing out faults of articles and photos staffs are making.

 Though everyone boobed at Uchida, their didn’t reach to her, or we’d better put it like this:

“Their voices didn’t seep into Iwa”

Uchida made the most of this opportunity, promoting her photo essay which goes on sale today, February 22th.

“My very first photo essay titled ‘Iwa ni Shimi’iru Uchida-san no Koe'” (The voice of Uchida, seeps into rocks) goes on sale today!

Why don’t you put this new on the front page!!”

Uchida demanded.

Uchida added, “Though it’s a bit strange to say this when I dress like this, my goal is actually to become a singer.

I want Tokyo Sports to support me!!”


Seriously, it’s been a while since we last saw Takamina on google plus.

Ponkotsu & Soukantoku

Shimazaki Haruka 2/22 17:45

Takamina-san gave me this choker♥

Feelin like a Soukantoku(・ω・)♪



This choker is a product from a clothing brand called jouetie. Looks like this is one of her recent favorites.

From Weibo;

Holykaw! You know what? Yamamoto Sayaka is the girl who Takamina has always considered as a member who would potentially succeed her role as Soukantoku. (and Yamamoto Sayaka expressed her will to take over the job from Takamina during Request Hour 2013)

This means a lot!

Yamamoto Sayaka 2/22 16:10

Takamina-san and Shinobu-san took me to Harajuku for shopping and meals!

And they even bought me clothes that they think suit me, as well as a hoodie that is the same one Takamina-san has…… I almost cry…>_<…

Thank you☆☆


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