Former Sumo wrestler Takamisakari confesses that he is in love with HKT48 Sashihara Rino

  February 4, 2013

Takami-sakari, former Sumo wrestler who called an end to his career during the Hatsubasyo this year, joined a live broadcasting of Waratte Iitemo (Fuji TV net) on February 4th, and fulfilled a long time dream of meeting his ideal idol, Sashihara Rino of HKT48.

Takami-Sakari, now renamed to Furiwake Oyakata (*Oyakata = Master), who is single, is now in spouse hunting, thus, the topic of their conversation naturally centered turned to Love and Relationship.

“So there have been too many incidents. Whenever I get into a relationship with a certain girl, it immediately reported in gossip papers.

Which made me even doubt that I’m not qualified to have a girlfriend….”Takami-sakari confessed his bitter past episodes.

Then Tamori, the host of the show, said “May I bring Sashihara Rino here?”, and called Sashihara Rino, who the former Sumo wrestler openly called his Oshi.

 “Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for mentioning my name so often in various Tv shows.

I’m so happy about that”, said Sashihara, which made Furiwake Oyakata’s face blush.

When Tamori suggested to them “how about having a meal together with her next time?”, Oyakata, excitedly answered “Ohhhh!! Is it possible!!?!? I heard HKT48 has love-ban-law!!”

Tamori and Sashihara quickly snapped, “Only having a meal (but not dating or such)”, correcting Oyakata’s funny misunderstanding.

But, in the following corner, Oyakata was revealed that the type of girls who he tends to fall in love with a bit weird that makes people around him perplexed.

Oyakata, then, added “Somehow, I’m regarded to have an odd sense regarding to this matter in a very convinced tone.

Naturally this is rather embarrassing for Sashihara Rino, who’s been Oyakata’s Oshi for years. She said with a bitter smile, “Oh no, don’t you think it’s embarrassing to pleasantly come up as he says he’s a fan of me….”

Tamori, who is from the same region, Kyushu island, as Sashihara, kindly added “But Sashihara is not an odd choice.”



Fans reactions:

“If it’s Takami-sakari, I think Sashihara Oshi will not complain?”

“LOL’d at how tiny Sashihara looks when she’s sitting next to the giant Sumo wrestler.”

“Ohhhh this is the nicest couple I’ve seen in the past couple of years!”

“Somehow they’re exuding an aura that makes us want to support their relationship….”

“She’s already started looking like ‘Okami-san (wife of Sumo Oyakata)'”

“Anyways, don’t you think Sashihara looks insanely cute today?”

“↑Ohhh my gosh, she is seriously cute”

“Seems like they will hold an intimate dinner meeting with Tamori-san as a host.

Man, don’t you think this is a bright topic of AKB48 that we haven’t had for a while!”