Kashiwagi Yuki moved to tears by fans at her 2nd solo concert, Her next dream “Global Expansion of Yukirin World”

  February 17, 2013

Kashiwagi Yuki of the popular idol group “AKB48” held her second solo live concert “Whether asleep or awake, always in Yukirin world!  I’ll put you in a trance! (寝ても覚めてもゆきりんワールド~夢中にさせちゃうぞっ~)” at Tokyo International Forum hall A (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on 17th.

“Since people who came today are those who bought CD and won the lottery, I think many of you came alone today. But please let’s liven up the concert from the 1st music today!”, says Kashiwagi Yuki in the message video. Loud cheers from he audiences filled the hall.

In a beginning to a seat, The live concert started with team B’s number “mouth-to-mouth feeding chocolate” (口移しのチョコレート). Audiences were all standing up from the beginning.

Kashiwagi funnily responded to the audiences, “Whoa, are you all standing? In the last solo live concert, everyone was sitting at the beginning! I’m glad!”

“I provided an idea for the set list and the direction of the show. Not only songs that I want to sing, but I chose songs that I cherish with my fans, songs that I am emotionally attached to  as well.”

She played drum for “Give Me Five!”, sang “Sakura no Hanabira Tachihe” which she performed in AKB Kohaku (AKB紅白歌合戦) last month. For her performance of a coupling song to her debut singe “Short Cake”, “Sakura no Ki ni Narou”, Guitarist Oshio Kotaro made an guest appearance.

“When I received an offer to perform with her at AKB Kohaku, I was confident that with Yukirin’s vocal ability and my guitar, it will certainly be a great stage.” says Oshio.

Yukirin expressed her gratitude, saying “Thank you so much for making wonderful song arrangement, and practiced with me for many times.

I hope we can work on something together again.”

Oshio then dropped a bombshell, “Next time, I would like to make a song for Yukirin.”

Yukirin responded, “I will study song writing then! I will ask Akimoto Sensei to teach me!! I really want this to happen!”

*The concert employed a 10m high crane which carried her above the audience seats.

She wore 7 different costumes and sang total 18 songs including 2 encores.

“I would like the third concert won’t be a lottery, but a (normal)” concert.

 Since so many people came from various regions, I would like to tour around nation. I would like to hold my concert at bigger venues, too!

Since today, you gave me a supportive push, I can dare to say…. Dream Big!

How about aiming global expansion of Yukirin World?”

As Yukirin lays out her next goal, clapping and shouting raised from crowd of fans.