[ Bunshun ] AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS President’s house

  April 23, 2013

1. Shukan Bunshun reports AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS’s President’s house

2. Shinoda and Kasai never talk to each other since…

3. Mr.Kubota has meals with members 300 days a year

After we started the investigation, we soon spotted a car dropping and picking up Kasai in midnight. But they were keeping tight guard as we wrote at the beginning of this article.

On April 6th, we finally got a chance. On that day, Kasai attended a handshake event at Makuhari Messe. But she was actually staying at Mr.Kubota’s house until one hour before the event.

She was in hurry and despite trying to cover face with stole, her face was apparently recognizable.

When a former member of AKB48 saw this photo, she laughed and said “Fans are shaking hands with her, knowing nothing. I feel sorry for them LOL”

On Apirl 9th, finally our camera captured it all. A little past 10 PM, Kasai, after theater performance, briskly walked to a car and headed for Shibuya. The car turned left and right randomly, sometimes flashed hazard lights and stopped on road shoulder. It was an attempt to put reporters following them off track.

At 23:50, the president showed up in front of his house, looking around as he was talking with someone on a cellphone.

At 00:02, Kasai sneaked out from behind a power pole. She was in hoodie and talking with someone on a phone.

She looked around to make sure no one was watching her, and then walked to the president delightfully. The president carried her bag and they intimately went off to his house.


“Becasue Kasai is living with her sister, it’s convenient for both to meet at president’s house.”

It was 11 AM when she left his house. She headed for Hiroo by taxi. She was dressed in a floral patterned skirt, which means she even keep extra clothes at his house!?

This is the thing. We figured we must ask them more details on this even thought she will graduate soon.

We talked to her as she got on a car in front of her apartment, but she pretended she can’t hear anything we’re talking.

We then called Hori Production, Kasai’s agency.

They answered “We asked Kasai on the matter. She said she had meals with him, but never visited alone nor stayed a night at Mr.Kubota’s house.

We are not in charge of arranging a car for her, and leave it to AKS, but this is something ‘can’t be true’ for us, too.”

Okay, let’s ask Mr.Kubota. When we tried interviewing to him in front of his house, he didn’t stop and went off in his Ferrari. But later, he explained us on a phone.

-Are you in relationship with Kasai?


-Have you ever let her stay at your house?

“Never. AKB members are like my children. I know them since they were only 10 or 11.

She has visited my house, but didn’t stay for a long hours. Until morning? Or sleepover? That never happened. First floor is common space, and we have a recording studio in the building, so they sometimes come to practice singing, especially before recording for CDs. Plus we have chiropractic hospital, too. Not only her but all members living nearby visit the building.”

-But you seemed to have intimate dinner with Kasai

“Again, not only her but I have meals with all Senbatsu members in turn almost everyday.

I think I have meals with members about 300 days a year.

She is right before graduation, and have lots of things that she wants to talk about and ask advises on.

I had dinner with a member who is not Kasai, yesterday.

It’s natural that they have anxiety about their future.

And I think this means I’m the only person in current AKB who can consult and listen to them.”

At this point, we still haven’t revealed him that we took evidence photos of their sleepover.

Anyway, no matter what they say, the camera doesn’t lie. Our smashing camera captured the decisive evidence of taboo in Showbiz, “Having relationship with a product that he is dealing with”.

We’re wondering what kind of penalty Kasai and President will be given.


A word of wisdom:

“It’s president! Who saw what’s inside of that kids’ hands!! LOL Sorry for being too funny!

Anyway, what outcome will we see this time? The president will shave his head? Who wants to see it LOL” ~ Shukan Bunshun

“At this point, we still haven’t revealed him that we took evidence photos of their sleepover.”

By doing so, they drew lots of extra and valuable information from Mr.Kubota….. I shall say, writers at Bunshun know what they’re doing….