NMB48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Setlist and Photos

  April 27, 2013

NMB48’s solo Budokan Concert at “AKB48 group extraordinary general meeting” concert series

Day 2 (NMB48) Setlist

Shadow announcer: Watanabe Miyuki

M1: Nandeyanen Idol (Why the heck idols) by ALL
M2: NMB48 by ALL

M3: Seishun no Laptime (Laptime of Youth) by ALL


M4: Waruky by Watanabe Miyuki with no back dancers


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M5: Dazai Osamu o Yondaka? (Did you read Dazai Osamu) by Yamamoto Sayaka, Yamada Nana, Yokoyama Yui

M6: Baatari GO! (Claptrap GO!) by Under Girls

M7: Mattemashita, Shingakki (I was waiting for New School Time coming) by Akagumi


M8: Kessho (Crystal) by Shirogumi

M9: Fuyu Shogun no Regret (Regret of General Winter) by Namba Gun Party Part 2

M10: Chotto Nekoze (Slight humpback)

M11: Hoshizora no Caravan (Caravan under a starlit sky) by Shirogumi

M12: Namekuji Heart (A Slug Heart) by Super Idol Senbatsu

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M13: Jangle Gym by Yamamoto Sayaka (Due to the audio trouble, the performance was forced to stop temporarily)

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MC by Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamada Nana, Yagura Fuko, Tanigawa Airi, Yogi Keira

M14: Almond Croissant Plan by team B2

M15: Lily by team N

M16: With My soul

M17: Mikazuki no Senaka (The back of Crescent) by team M

M18: Mousou Girlfriend (Delusional Girlfriend)

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M19: In Goal by team B2


M20: HA! (Fire columns at the stage!! Senbatsu are dressed in that awesome costumes for the MV!!)

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M21: Teppen Tottande (We gonna take the top spot!)

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M22: Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo (Extincting Black-hair girls) by ALL

MC: Revealing secret photos of NMB48 members, such as Yokoyama Yui’s sleeping face, or Yamamoto Sayaka sleeping with notebook over her face for hiding her face

M23: Nagi’ichi

M24: Junjo U-19 (Purehearted U-19)

M25: Virginity

M26: Kitagawa Kenji by ALL

M27: December 31th

EN: NMB48 Call!

Announcement: NMB48 7th single will go on sale!

EN1: Todokanasoude Todokumono (Things that seems unlikely to obtain but actually can obtain) – A coupling song to 7th single

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EN2: Tenohira ga Katarukoto (Tails palms tell)

MC by Yamamoto Sayaka: “NMB48 is serious about taking the top spot!!”

EN3: Boku ha Matteiru by ALL

(The stage monitor plays a look back footage of Fukumoto Aina)

(Fans are chanting “Ainyan” call)

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Over the theme song for Yoshimoto’s house comedy, Yoshimoto’s own comedians appeared on the stage.


They came to Budokan to celebrate Ainyan’s graduation!!

Ainyan, trying to hold tears, said:

“I had struggled to made a decision to leave NMB48, which is now thriving. But I want to become a variety talent as great as NMB48. NMB48 declared to take the top spot, so I’m gonna take the top spot of variety talents!”

Fukumoto who began to walk off along the passage leading to the stage while smiling and waving her hands to the audiences fell into a pitfall that is  secretly created at the passage!!

The member and spectator who were not told in advance were bursting into laughters.

Fukumoto who received the baptism before transforming into a variety idol and with her face alll over covered with white powders, was asked how she feels right now by Watanabe Miyuki.

Fukumoto answered “Ohhh Myyyy Gaaaaaa!!”

With this shout of Fukumoto, all 68 NMB48 girls started performance of Oh My Ga! The last song for their first solo Budokan concert!!

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EN4: Oh My Gaa by ALL with Ainyan covered with white powders!!


The jetcoaster of laugh and sentimentals!! This is Entertainment!! We love NMB48!


Yogi Keira:

Budokan live concert is overーー(^o^)

It ended in a flash, seriously(ー`ωー´)✧

I’m feeling soooooo happpy~~~~~~~~~(^-^ゞ


Watanabe Miyuki:

Churi-san and Rena-san came to see our concert today( ゚д゚)♡