AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka “I don’t want to deal with Kojima-san anymore!”

  April 16, 2013

This is the quick recap of the latest episode of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku, where Paruru was phenomenal again.



Gyoza (Dumpling), there is the supreme Dumpling out there that one bite of it makes you start dancing. In order to get this Dumpling, you need to gather 16 Senbatsu members.

Then they are introducing each of 16 Senbatsu members of UZA by explaining what they taught members to make the most delicious Dumpling ever exists on the earth.

Chef. Ka aka Matsui Rena, please tell us the secret to make a great dough?

“Keand it, with the determination to crush it!!”

Yes, when Shinoda Mariko said “Come to Crush Us!” at last year’s election, she taught juniors how to make the greatest Dumpling dough!

“I’m always waiting for you challenge!”


When you cook Dumpling, insane steam make your face shiny.

And that’s what Takamina, aka TekaMina (Shiny Minami), whose face is always shiny tells juniors.


Look at Dumpling’s belly! It remains beautifully white.

That’s what Yukirin taught juniors. Because of her innate talent as an idol, she is often called.”

HaraGuro” (Black Belly) but as she shows off, her belly is completely white. Yes, Belly must be White.de1e99cef92cb118

KKS: Thank you Mrs. Chin for this yummy dumpling! Please shake hands with us!

Uhmm… seems like Chin is reluctant to shake hands with them…. Doesn’t thin remind of that girl?

This salty reaction….. Yeah, this is what Shimazaki Haruka, whose is known for her salty reaction at handshake event!

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Look at that corner! Wallpapaer is stripped off!!


Who is the member who strip off her clothes anytime anywhere?

Oshima Yuko: “Hello audiences up here~ Panty Flash!”

“Hello audiences up there~ Panty Flash!”

“Gimme power!!!” SMILE!

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d8cb2f38And 5 KKS performed parody of UZA that put together all lessons Senbatsu member taught them.

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But the supreme Gyoza didn’t satisfy Kojima-san nor Ariyoshi, thus, Paruru gets punishment. 


“Flying Get!!”


“This is president’s Ariyoshi’s punishment segment, Damn Paruru!! I’m gonna punish your ass!!”


Paruru puts a blindfold and choose one of these 3 dumplings – Mustard Dumpling, Wasabi Dumpling and Giant Water Bug Dumpling.fc8d923d

Paruru, which one you choose?


I’ll choose the center….



Kojima-san, please let her grab the one with chopstick so that she can sense how it feels.


Paruru: It’s suspicious… (Are you cheating?)


Kojima-san is trying to make Paruru eat Giant Water Bug by all means!!34b03332

“But… wait…. I shall choose the one that does’t stress you that much.”







How sweet Kojima-San is!! She gently fixed Paruru’s a little messed up hair after putting off a blindfold.


Shimazaki Haruka: “I don’t want to never hang out with Kojima-San!!! She tried to force me eat Giant Water Bug!!!” EPIC FACE!!
Cry!! “This is sad… I did actually respect you….”



So yeah, April 19 is Kojima-san’s birthday!


Our birthday present for her is the two dumpling left on the table! Which one will she eat!?84190245 8ef8432f


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